Game Design Unboxed 31: Blinks System

In episode 31 of Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication we talk with Move38’s Founder & CEO Jon Bobrow about the Blinks System. His system was created as a mash-up between a toy, video game and board game using electronic hexicon tiles that each hold a single game. Each tile will train the others in the system to learn that specific game. Jon has worked with outside designers and his internal team over the past 2+ years to create tons of fun games that can be played using this system. Their most recent Blinks Party Pack will be on Kickstarter starting February 22nd as well as another print run of their initial system. Go to to back their Kickstarter!If you’re interested in designing your own game for the Blinks system, consider coming to a Game Jam hosted by Move38 in partnership with Tabletop Gaymers on Saturday, March 12 from noon to 6pm in Long Island City, NY. Or purchase a development kit on their website!

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Jon Bobrow – Guest
Danielle Reynolds – Host

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