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Every week, Recall Knowledge recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, a preview of the Know Direction content of the week to come, and the director of operations, Ryan Costello, thoughts on the state of the network.

Two weeks ago, September 15th, was the 12th anniversary of the Know Direction podcast. In three months, recorded on December 29th, Know Direction episode 267, will be my last episode as a co-host of Know Direction.

Two weeks ago, I reached out to Perram about starting my transition off the show. Early last week, I told the Know Direction staff, and then I told our Patrons, the Network Familiars. All that’s left is to tell the general public.

#paizoaccountability made the decision easier. Any pride in what I’ve accomplished as a host of the longest running Pathfinder podcast is mixed with shame and frustration that we perpetuated Paizo’s business model and management style, both of which take for granted and take advantage of the passion of the staff members who write the rules, who lay out the rulebooks, and who place and receive the orders. But #paizoaccountability alone isn’t motivating my exit.

Essence20 is coming. A system I helped design and even helped name, tied to some of my favourite brands, and which I am currently writing my third and fourth projects for. Not only am I proud of my contributions to Essence20 and the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game, I’m also a fan of the system and the company. Renegade Game Studios has been very good to me, and is a company I’m proud to be associated with.

Although I’m leaving the Know Direction Podcast, I’m not leaving the Know Direction Network. I’ll continue to be the Director of Logistics. I’ll continue to write the weekly editorials and recap (which I’ll be renaming in January, since Recall Knowledge is system specific and also the name of a Pathfinder  actual play podcast that’s gaining popularity). I’ll still host and write content for the network, although that content will be Essence20 focused.

Likewise, the Network will continue to cover Pathfinder and Starfinder. The Essence20 content will be in addition to the Paizo focused content. Just like Investing In and Game Design Unboxed added more depth to Know Direction’s scope, so too will my Essence20 content.

This week on Geek Together, Perram and I will be discussing Essence20. How I got involved, my experience working on it, what people can expect from the games (that I can reveal), and how the Network will be covering Essence20 in the future.

Speaking of Network coverage, the Gen Con seminar coverage starts tomorrow. And starting today is the latest Randal Reads. Randal Meyer covers the Dark Archive playtest document, breaking down the psychic and thaumaturge is a series of articles that will run the length of the week.

Speaking (again) of Network content, here’s a recap of the network content from last week at the Know Direction Network:

Recap of September 20th to September 24th

What happened last week on and

Monday, September 20th


Recall Knowledge – #PaizoAccountability
By Ryan Costello

Even with Gen Con 2021 happening last week, the biggest news in the Paizosphere was #paizoaccountability. 

Tuesday, September 21st


Digital Divination 039 – GenCon and Paizo News

John and Ron talk about #paizoaccountability, Gen Con announcements, and Pathfinder/Starfinder Infinite. 

Wednesday, September 22nd


Know Direction 259 Live – Gen Con 2021 News and #PaizoAccountability

Staying on-theme, Perram and I talked about #paizoaccountability, Gen Con announcements, and Pathfinder/Starfinder Infinite. 


An Early Announcement

This was the first announcement of my departure. It’s different from the one above, and is available for non-Familiars to read, if you’re looking for more information on the future of the Network. 

Thursday, September 23rd


Know Direction 259 – Gen Con 2021 News and #PaizoAccountability

This episode illustrated the mixed feelings at the network and within the Paizo community. We talked at length about #paizoaccountability, catching up anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on, and editorializing on how we feel knowing what our favourite Paizo employees are subject to. The entire segment has a somber tone.

Then, we switch to talking about the big news out of Gen Con, and the tone quickly shifts. Because Perram and I love Pathfinder, and a lot of the news at Gen Con excites us.

Both tones you saw in this episode reflect how Perram and I are feeling right now. So, yeah, it’s a lot. 

Friday, September 24th


Patron’s Private Sanctum 28

During KD 259, Luis in chat floated the idea of a KD Imprint of Pathfinder Infinite. Vanessa and Dustin joined Perram and I in the Private Sanctum not only to explore the idea, but to outline some of the projects we have in mind for it. 


Intrepid Heroes 069 – Here Be Giants!

Learn John Godek’s definition of “invulnerable”. 


Monstrous Physique Presents: Summoned Monsters, Vol. 4 (SF)

Luis invited freelancers John Curtin, Tineke Bolleman, and Lau Bannenberg to create a Starfinder stat block for a piece of art I like to think of as alternate universe off-brand Darth Vader. 

Preview of September 27th to October 1st

This is back to Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, September 27th


Recall Knowledge – Leaving The Podcast
By Ryan Costello

Not a hoax!

Randal Reads Dark Archive Playtest – Overview
By Randal Meyer

Randal shares his thoughts on the Dark Archive playtest. 

Tuesday, September 28th


Fox’s Cunning – Healing Spells in Every School
By Dustin Knight

Dustin weighs in on which schools of magic should handle healing with a series of new spells.

Randal Reads Dark Archive Playtest – Psychic
By Randal Meyer

Randal looks at the spine of the first of the two new Pathfinder classes being playtested: the psychic. 

Wednesday, September 29th


Geek Together Live – Essence20 Overview

This is basically an episode zero for the Essence20 podcast Perram and I will be producing in January.


Presenting – Gamers Making Games: Paul Fields

John chats with Paul Fields from Evil Robot Games. 


Behind The Screen by Ryan Costello

I finally write that article about Scarlett trying RPGs for the first time, using the Pathfinder 2e Beginner Box. 

Randal Reads Dark Archive Playtest – Psychic Feats
By Randal Meyer

With the psychic spine covered, Randal moves on to the psychic’s class feats. 

Thursday, September 30th


Valiant episode 23

Our Valiant heroes continue to explore the Temple of the Whisperer.


Investing In
By Rob Pontious

Rob shares what he loves about the RPGs he’s been playing lately, and why you should check them out.

Randal Reads Dark Archive Playtest – Thaumaturge
By Randal Meyer

Randal breaks down the thaumaturge, 2’s Constantine Van Helsing Winchester,

Friday, October 1st 


Geek Together – Essence20 Overview

Everything you want to know about Essence20 and the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game. 


Randal Reads Dark Archive Playtest – Thaumaturge Feats
By Randal Meyer

Randal wraps up his Dark Archive Playtest read with a look at the thaumaturge’s feats. 

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