Game Design Unboxed 18: Stripes

In episode 18 of Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication we talk with Maxine Ekl, the designer of Think Ahead, High & Low Poker, Dual Value Playing Cards, and Stripes! Maxine is one of the co-organizers for Chicago’s Protospiel and co-owner of Clever Playing Cards. She’s a large fan of designing card games and her game Stripes even got the Dice Tower’s Seal of Approval! Maxine found that her game designs only got better after discovering Protospiels and local game design meetups. Learn how she started her own Protopiel and how patience is a virtue when it comes to taking a game from inspiration to publication.

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Maxine Ekl – Guest

Danielle Reynolds – Host

Ben Moy – Host

Denice – Host

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