Game Design Unboxed 16: Orphans & Ashes

In episode 16 of Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication we talk with Ryan Costello the designer of Orphans & Ashes, LFG Storytime with Dick, and a writer for various RPGs. Ryan pitched, designed, and developed Orphans & Ashes for Blind Ferret Entertainment based on their webcomic series Looking for Group. He worked to capture the dark humor and quirkiness of the webcomic characters to build a game designed with the fans in mind. He learned many valuable lessons about manufacturing and creating realistic manufacturing timelines as well as how to curate a board game subscription box while working for Blind Ferret. Ryan has worked his way into the gaming industry starting with creating the Know Direction podcast that currently hosts this show to landing a job with Blind Ferret and now Laughing Dragon. Ryan is a hobbyist turned game designer you can learn a lot from.

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Ryan Costello – Guest

Danielle Reynolds – Host

Denice – Host

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