Game Design Unboxed 001: Expancity with Alex Cutler

Danielle, Ben, and Denice speak with Alex Cutler, designer of Expancity by Breaking Games.

Alex also co-designed “Before There Were Stars” by Smirk and Laughter, “Team 3” by Brain Games, and develops games for Pandasaurus. Alex talks about his journey of spending years working on his SimCity inspired game, from prototyping using Legos to learning how to 3-D print his building pieces. Alex took his love of city planning and architecture to design a game that allows players to build from the ground up. Alex shares his experiences of prototyping, finding Breaking Games, reviewing game design contracts and where the game is now a few years later. If you’re an aspiring designer you will not want to miss Alex’s tips on contracts and inspiring words about never giving up on a design.

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Danielle Reynolds – Host

Ben Moy – Host

Denice – Host

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