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New Pathfinder Board Game Announced

Pathfinder Arena Logo with Elf and EttenGiochi Uniti International, in partnership with Paizo Inc, has announced a new tabletop competitive board game: Pathfinder Arena

Set in the Lost Omens campaign setting, Pathfinder Arena is a board game for 2-4 players featuring four of Pathfinder’s iconic heroes locked in an ever-shifting labyrinth with a menagerie of Pathfinder’s most iconic monsters! The heroes will need to slay foes, gather equipment, and earn experience to survive and conquer Pathfinder Arena.

According to a Press Release provided by Paizo: Pathfinder Arena’s crowdfunding campaign will launch in 2021 and promises 18 high-quality miniatures and hundreds of spells, items, and feats for the game. A Live Demo will be held on Saturday, October 24th at 12pm PST (9pm Rome Time).

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