Recall Knowledge – August 17th to August 28th

Every week, Recall Knowledge recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, a preview of the Know Direction content of the week to come, and the director of operations, Ryan Costello, thoughts on the state of the network.

I talk about titles in the first two recaps this week (spoilers, I usually write the recaps before the editorials) and it got me thinking about the stories behind the titles of our content. I reached out to the staff to see if anyone had anecdotes about why they chose the names they gave their articles and podcasts.

  • 5 Private Sanctuary: I’ve told this story often, including recently, but there’s no short version. When this site launched as a community point for 3.5 D&D loyalists, I thought naming it after a spell subtly tied us to the game we cover. Private Sanctum represented the goals of the site perfectly. Sometime before launch, my original cohost Jay convinced me that Private Sanctuary sounded better, and still incorporated the idea of naming the site and podcast after a spell. I completely forgot having that conversation, and that Private Sanctum was my original vote, to the point that I thought the name of the spell was Private Sanctuary, and I thought it was odd that Paizo changed it to Private Sanctum in Pathfinder 1e.
  • Know Direction: Our second go at naming a show after a spell went much smoother. The successor to 3.5 D&D was about finding a path, know direction helps you do that.
  • Geek Together: Like the previous two titles, the sign off informed how strong the title was. “We’re all geeks, we should geek together” remains my favourite of all our signoffs.
  • Adventurous: This name has a surprisingly storied life. Originally it was attached to a published adventure review show. This show was far enough along that we even announced it on an episode. Unfortunately, that show never came to be. So when we planned on launching an actual play podcast, it was too good of a name to leave unused.
    However, at the time, we had three active podcasts: Know Direction, Know Direction: Beyond, and Geek Together. Geek Together’s entire schtick was as the alternate to our game design coverage. So Adventurous became Know Direction: Adventurous. And then Stellar came along. It didn’t make sense to call Stellar “Know Direction: Stellar”. “Know Direction: Beyond: Stellar” was obviously out, and “Beyond: Stellar” was confusing. So we went with Stellar on its own, and Know Direction: Adventurous became Adventurous.

Speaking of Adventurous and all of the network’s great content, here’s a recap of what you might have missed last week from the Know Direction Network:

Recap of August 17th to August 23rd

What happened last week on and

Monday, August 17th


Adventurous 042 – Spoon!

Since the highlights of the episodes are usually improvised, some episodes are harder to title than others. This episode, that starts with a joke about the logistics of Xavier, Oggdren, and Idonia spooning, and ends with a lengthy scene about a magical spoon, was easier than most.

Who knew episode 42’s title would be a reference to The Tick and not Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Gen Con Online — Delving Into Organized Play

Not gonna lie, it bugged me that every KD interview segment was named “Behind the X” except this one. Wasn’t my call. Would not have been my call.

Luckily, the title is the only downside to this seminar recording. Tonya is so easy to talk with. Even if I’m not as involved with organized play as I have been, it was easy to find interesting topics to discuss, and this hour flew by.


Recall Knowledge – August 10th to August 23rd

Short and sweet editorial this time, since writing about all of the content we put out lately cut into my content making time.

Tuesday, August 18th


Legend Lore 009 — Exploration Mode

Ah exploration mode. The mode of play that gets the least love. It’s also surprisingly open to interpretation. Loren and Luis do a good job explaining that yes, exploration mode can feel quite different depending on your GM, and offering GM’s somethings to think about how they will run it.

Gen Con Online — Behind the Products with Mark Moreland

I don’t like redundant content. When we scheduled Mark to be on the last episode of Know Direction, we did so knowing it was similar to what was covered in Behind the Products at Gen Con Online. I made sure to listen to this seminar ahead of our interview so that there was a reason to listen to both. If you heard Mark on Know Direction 230 and aren’t sure if you need to listen to this seminar recording, I assure you that the two are quite different.


Alex Analyzes: Here We Are in the Future, a Hero Forge Color Review
by Alexander Augunas

Normally this is Randal Meyer’s Groundbreaking’s slot, but after his Randal Reads mega review of the APG, he needed the week off. Appropriately, he’s replaced by Alexander Augunas’ new review format, Alex Analyzes, inspired by Randal Reads.

We talked about the Hero Forge Colour on Know Direction a lot during the Kickstarter because Perram and I were both amazed by the technology. I didn’t end up backing it because I was confident that I could wait for the service when it reached the public. Alex’s review of his early access to Hero Forge Colour is so thorough and enticing, it made me regret having to wait a few more months before I could play with it myself.

Wednesday, August 19th


Geek Together – Pathfinder Minis Unboxing with

Pathfinder content on a Geek Together you say? And by “you” I mean the voice in the back of my head that needs to keep the dots on my lower case Is and Js separate and distinct.

While the topic may seem more suited to Know Direction than Geek Together, unboxing and talking about miniatures fit GT’s more casual format. And you know what? We’re Pathfinder geeks, we’re allowed to Pathfinder geek together.

I’m sorry if I am addressing you in a harsh tone normally reserved for the voice in the back of my head.


Presenting – Jacob W. Michaels

I loved this interview. The way Jacob W Michaels frames his story of breaking in as advice, including the resources he’s involved in and even launched in the name of helping other freelancers get work and helping publishers find the right freelancer was not only entertaining, it made me admire the man. I regret not taking the chances I’ve had to get to know Jacob better, because he is a boon for the community.

Gen Con Online — Ask the Experts: Pathfinder RPG

This one’s a bit of a tease. We get a lot of impressions of what to expect in Bestiary 3, and a bit about the goals of Secrets of Magic, including what to expect from the upcoming summoner class playtest.


Iconic Design: I’m a Doctor, Not a Priest!
By Alexander Augunas

Not only did Alex fill in for Randal, he and Dustin are done trading spots and he’s back in his regular spot, starting with a return to Iconic Design. Dr Envoy is an envoy medic, which feels to me like a straightforward concept that shouldn’t be hard to execute. Alex surprised me by diving into how this build overcomes the issues with treat deadly wounds.

Thursday, August 20th


Gen Con Online — Behind the Pages with Jason Bulmahn

Jason has a copy of the 2e Pathfinder Beginner Box to show off. Of course, he also has a green screen, and the beginner box is loaded with green components, so a lot of the items magically vanished as he pulled them out. All that to say, the live viewers’ loss is the podcast listeners’ gain as Jason has to explain what viewers would have seen if not for the green on green disappearing act.


Investing In: Urban Shadows
by Rob Pontious

Y’know, even if I’m the game Rob talks about isn’t for me (no offense to Urban Shadows and publisher Magpie Games), I can still count on Investing In to show off art outside of the direction that Paizo publishes. The Jessica Jones vibe of the Urban Shadows cover art won me over.

Friday, August 21st


Geek Together – Pathfinder Minis Unboxing with

You don’t know how much I wanted to title this episode “Dustin Off” However, I firmly believe puns only work if both entendres work. Dustin is not from, and is not old and in need to dusting. I refuse to make people who call puns the lowest form of comedy think they’re right!

Gen Con Online — Building a Starship in the Starfinder RPG

I have to say, the Starfinder panels have been some of my favourite from Gen Con Online. I don’t usually listen to all of the seminars we release, more for lack of time than interest. Starfinder panels tend to be the first to hit the skip list. I’m glad I didn’t this year. The Starfinder panels have a lot of energy, largely generated, I believe, by the Starship Operations Manual. I’m trying not to be biased because of how heavily network members were involved in that book. I sincerely think it is a game changer for Starfinder.

Also, to no one’s surprise, a recipe for fun is to put John Compton, Thurston Hillman, and Jason Keeley together and give them complete creative freedom.


Valiant Profile #2: Sarna
By Luis Loza

When Luis and I discussed potential players for Valiant, one of his picks that he was excited about was Paizo editor Avi. I haven’t met Avi yet (I probably would have at PaizoCon 2020, but, y’know, 2020) so I am looking forward to meeting them through Sarna and how they play them.

As usual, Sheppi’s art brings the character to life. His use of greens, browns, and purples, especially on Sarna’s sword and arm tattoo, emphasizes what a talent he is.

Saturday, August 22nd


Gen Con Online — Behind the Pages with John Compton

This is an extension of the Starship Operations Manual coverage, but more candid in tone, and with the addition of the book’s lead discussing it’s development with two major contributing freelancers, our own Vanessa Hoskins and Alexander Augunas.  

Sunday, August 23rd


Gen Con Online — Pathfinder Adventure Path: Agents of Edgewatch & Beyond

Agents of Edgewatch was announced as CSI: Absalom, with a lot of fanfare and references to other police procedurals and buddy cop movies. The issue with police brutality coming to light cast a different shadow over this AP and the copaganda entertainment it had been tied to. It was too late for Paizo to cancel or even delay the release of this Adventure Path, so publisher Erik Mona issued an apology and Paizo initiated multiple charitable initiatives going to the NAACP legal defense fund.

That said, this seminar covers Agents of Edgewatch’s content without lingering on its theme, and it does sound like a lot of care went into the development of its arc. From there, the seminar covers future Adventure Paths, and “& Beyond” does not do it justice. We get a lot of information about Abomination Vaults and Fists of the Ruby Phoenix.

All that to say, I understand if the prominence of the Agents of Edgewatch name in the title of this seminar turns you off. There is more to this seminar than just Agents of Edgewatch.

Preview of August 24th to August 28th

This is Block 2 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, August 24th


Stellar 013!

You don’t know how many failed attempts the Stellar cast had to endure to get this episode recorded.

Gen Con Online — Behind the Pages with Ron Lundeen

I love listening to Ron Lundeen talk. You can hear the infectious smile on his face. He probably talks about Pathfinder adventures, but honestly, I wouldn’t be bothered if he talked about whatever.  


Recall Knowledge (available now)

What’s in a name?

Tuesday, August 25th


Digital Divination 011 with John and Ron –  Starfinder Tech Revolution Playtest

Previously, John and Ron talked broadly about Starfinder playtests. They’re getting specific about the early versions of nanocytes and mechs.

Gen Con Online — Ask the Experts: Starfinder RPG Q&A

This is it. The end of Gen Con Online. I hope you enjoyed the coverage, and the hard work of the KD Con Team that made it happen. We’ll see you all next year!


Burst of Insight by Andrew Marlowe

Wednesday, August 26th


Know Direction Live – Legendary Kineticist with Vanessa Hoskins

The Know Direction Network’s own Vanessa Hoskins joins us to talk about the challenges and triumphs that brought the kineticist to second edition.


Fox’s Cunning by Dustin Knight

Phantasmal Killer by Crystal Frasier

Thursday, August 27th


Know Direction– Legendary Kineticist with Vanessa Hoskins


Something Creates – An Adventure (Quest #3) by Andrew Sturtevant

Friday, August 28th


Intrepid Heroes 042

I’m up to episode 34! I’m officially listening to Intrepid Heroes episodes that mention being on the Know Direction Network!

I’ve been making episode 50 my caught-up-with-Intrepid-Heroes goal. I could have made it episode 42. It would have been a more me goal. But keeping up with Gen Con Online seminar coverage would have made that extremely difficult.


Bend The Knee by Loren Sieg

The Glass Canon‘s Grant Berger, Kobold Press‘ (and our own) Amanda Hamon, and the incomparable Lucas Servideo plan their retirements.

Valiant Profile #3: Seren D. Pious

Meet Valiant character Seren D. Pious, but who plays this wild west halfling? And what does he look like? Find out Friday!

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