Stellar — Character Preview

Hey everyone! I have something fantastic to share with you. The PC cast of Stellar!

If you haven’t heard already, I’m the GM for a fantastic group of players in a new actual play podcast right here on Know Direction. We’re playing the Starfinder adventure path Against the Aeon Throne. It’s a shorter 3 book AP starting at 1st level; perfect for a kick-off for this new podcast. We’re hoping to start live recordings later this month and will be posting our first 1 hour episodes in late May or early June.

If you want to get a sneak preview of this hilarious cast, you should become one of our Patreon supporters! I’m going to be releasing a Patreon exclusive Episode Zero for supporters only in both video and audio formats. This episode tells the story of how our outrageous crew of space “freelancers” meet up and started traveling around the galaxy together. As the series progresses, I hope to be able to share even more exclusive content to our fantastic patrons.

But enough about that, lets meet the PCs:

Samantha Hammich (Sam)

Race: Human

Class: Envoy

Theme: Outlaw

She was born on Nadero, one of many moons orbiting the gas giant Ollusa in Near Space. Though her ancestors had come to this world seeking land and independence, Sam seeks freedom and adventure. She’s always been known as a troublemaker in Dogwater, her home town, but when she started to visit the major settlement of Cardinal she made a name for herself as an outlaw. Now she leads our group of freelancing entrepreneurs as the captain of her very own, recently “acquired,” Ringworks Traveler.

Sam is played by Loren Sieg, author of the Dear DovahQueen blog here on Know Direction. She’s also known for her character, Lily, on Adventurous. Loren’s southern accent and charm bring authenticity to the character matched only by her portrayal of Sam’s hard-edged but playful attitude. With Loren leading our group, there’s no knowing what shenanigans they’ll get into.

Klyf Hammich (Cliff)

Race: Human

Class: Mechanic

Theme: Roboticist

Sam’s younger brother Klyf is the more focused of the two. With a mechanical mind, he was always repairing machinery and inventing technological solutions to the various problems around Dogwater. As a young man, Klyf was introduced to his father’s old ICE-Frame (Integrated Combat Enhancement), which he became enamored with. He helped his father repair the old suit and at the end of the process was gifted it, as his father felt himself too old to fight and not in any need of protection. Even though Dogwater and the surrounding Hucks County is a deemed safe from jungle slayer encroachment, Klyf has had more than one opportunity to don his ICE-Frame in defense of his home. He went on to help clear new territory from the jungle as a part of various settler-expansion groups as a striker against the fey and fauna alike.

Klyf is played by James Ballod, author of Code/Switch of one of the hosts of Know Direction: Beyond. His knowledge of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game is likely to be invaluable, as is his quick wit and laser focus. Not only does Klyf keep Sam coloring inside the lines, but James helps move the story along. His ability to come up with clever solutions to the adventures challenges speaks not only to James’s creativity, but to Klyf’s ability as the crew’s engineer.

Xvi (Shee-Vee)

Race: Skittermander

Class: Biohacker

Theme: Ace Pilot

As a skittermander, Xvi was recruited into the Veskarium military at a young age. However, due to having the skittermander version of GHD (growth hormone deficiency), he’s never grown out of some of his welp-like characteristics. That didn’t stop this young skittermander! He got a job as a paramedic, where he could always help people in need. Between his determination to aid the injured and his enthusiasm for starships, he often insisted that he be able to pilot the ambulance. Though rumors abound as to whether he was kicked out of the Veskarium military for reckless flying or left because they wouldn’t let him help enough people with his experimental medicines, all we know for certain is that he’s now a free agent. This experimental medic and starship enthusiast is bound to make for an interesting pilot for our crew.

Xvi is played by Alex Augunas, the Everyman Gamer. Not only does Alex write the Iconic Design and Guidance blogs on Know Direction, he is also one of the hosts of Know Direction: Beyond and he has his own RPG publishing company, Everyman Gaming. Having him on the show is fantastic, as his high energy and enthusiasm shine through in his portrayal of an ever-helpful skittermander.

Enok (EE-nock)

Race: Uplifted Bear

Class: Technomancer

Theme: Xenoseeker

This enigmatic bear has his paws all over the infosphere of Nadero, especially in the major city of Cardinal. As a bear, his technological skills are a surprise to all who meet him as are his ability to manipulate magic. The only thing people know for sure about Enok is that he’s wanted by the authorities in Cardinal for several counts of cyber-vandalism and he has a personal vendetta against Ryne Auris, a powerful business man in that region. Ryne has posted a bounty of 10,000 UPBs for capturing him alive and returning him to Cardinal.

Enok is played by Jefferson Jay Thacker, also known as Perram. Anyone who knows the Know Direction Network is familiar with Perram’s work as the co-host of Know Direction Prime and one of the hosts of Know Direction: Beyond. His real-world technological know-how has catapulted Know Direction into the success we all enjoy today. As Enok, he gets a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game as a player while letting other technologically minded folks run the show. By playing the crew’s science officer, Perram will get a chance to bring his technological expertise to the show in-game.

Airagurna Kroll (EYE-ruh)

Race: Bolida

Class: Vanguard

Theme: Mercenary

Hailing from Zafaiga, bolidas are known to be excellent miners and somewhat xenophobic. When Aira upset the other miners with her violent solution to most problems, they threw her offworld on the next transport and let her go brawl elsewhere. She has adapted well to the spacer lifestyle by brawling, getting into fights, wrestling, knocking people down, giving people VERY aggressive hugs, and acting as an “ambassador” for Zafaiga. Though some species are off-put by a 6’3″ vermin, her newest friend Xvi has no such biases. Her aggressive nature makes her a determined gunner.

Aira is played by Amanda Hamon. We are delighted to have Paizo’s Managing Developer for the Starfinder RPG line joining us for this actual play podcast. Her passion for the game shines through every aspect of her role playing. Every time the “Rage-Bug” gets into trouble, we know we’ve got an excellent episode on our hands.

The Artist

If you enjoyed the character art, check out Alan Cooper’s portfolio or Deviant Art page. He created the images for these fantastic characters, bringing each one to life for us. Working with him on this project has been a real pleasure.







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