Starfleet Design — Absalom Station Cargo Ship

Greetings, spacefarers! I’m commandeering Starfleet Design to provide some more Starfinder content. I figured that Starfleet Design was in need of star ships! My plan is to provide a ship stat block, information on the ship, as well as map of the interior for any possible adventures that could take place on the ship. I decided to start simple with my first ship, so let’s take off and have a look at the Absalom Station Cargo Ship.


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Absalom Station Cargo Ship TIER 1/2
AbadarCorp FR Mark III
Small light freighter
Speed 6; Maneuverability good (turn 1)
AC 14; TL 13
HP 40; DT —; CT 8
Shields none
Attack (Forward) gyrolaser (1d8)
Power Core Arcus Light (75 PCU); Drift Engine none; Systems basic computer, budget short-range sensors, mk 1 armor, mk 1 defenses; Expansion Bays cargo holds (2), escape pods
Modifiers +2 Piloting; Complement 1–6
Pilot Piloting +8 (1 rank)
Gunner gunnery +6

The AbadarCorp FR-class light freighter is the gold standard for compact, but efficient dock-working ship. These ships are used all over Absalom Station as short-distance delivery and cargo transports. These ships dot the space around the station, moving between its various districts. The ships also serve the enormous freighters and capital ships that visit the station, delivering cargo to avoid having these larger ships attempt to dock.
The cargo ships are simplistic in design, allowing for their mass production. Their basic cube shapes have led the ships to earn the nickname of “Crates.” The freighter was originally designed with Absalom Station in mind, but requests over the years led to the reworking of the original model. The standard cargo ship fleet of the station now runs with the Mark III model. This model includes the engine heat sink casing found in the Mark II as well as a set of escape pods and a standard gyrolaser, due to concerns of crew safety. The layout of a Crate is very basic. The bridge houses the main pilot’s chair, a gunner seat, as well as a navigator station. The main deck contains the engine assembly and the escape pods. A pair of ladders connects with the lower deck which is just an expansive cargo bay with the necessary tech and computers for everyday use.
The standard regiment for a Crate is a pilot, a gunner, and four workers. Generally, the pilot and gunner are trained to work each other’s stations as well as handle navigation. The workers are in charge of loading and unloading cargo from the lower deck. A set of standard robot arms and computers allows for ease of stocking and tracking inventory. While not handling cargo, the crew tends to spend time on the main deck. Amenities on a crate are minimal with most crews having to bring their own table and chairs to pass the time. Various trading companies and starport business own their own set of Crates. As such, most Crates are only on loan to their respective crew for daily work. This prevents any kind of customization a company logo and the sides of the hull.


Stellar Adventures

The Big Crate
Two delivery companies enter into a heated rivalry. One of the companies hires the PCs to investigate or sabotage the other. On their journeys, the PCs discover that the company has modified their fleet of Crates. The fleet connects into one super Crate capable of great destruction and its first target is the business rival!

Cosmic Stowaways
The PCs need a way to get onto a larger freighter or a capital ship outside of Absalom Station. A direct approach is too obvious, however. The PCs must find a way to stow on board a Crate delivering goods to this ship without notice of both crews.

Deadly Delivery
The PCs are part of a crew working with an Absalsom Cargo Ship. Their latest shipment seems suspicious but the pay is good. During the job, the PCs start to hear a strange hum from one of the shipment crates. The hum is soon drowned out by the sounds of loud banging from the crate, as if something is trying to break free.

That’s it for this week. My plan is to create new ships rather than recreate ships from popular media. If you have a particular type of ship, such as fighter or capital ship, that you would like to see, feel free to drop me a line at

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