Wandering Monsters — Farm

It’s another quiet day on the old farm. Birds are chirping, sun is shining, and the kiddos are out playing in the field. Yup, it’s easy to get used to this kind of life. Unfortunately, adventurers aren’t really the settling down type. However, that doesn’t stop adventurers from showing up to farms more often than one would think. Today, we head towards a simpler life and wander out onto the farm!

As always, many thanks to the Pyromancers dungeon painter tool for helping me create this week’s map.


A sizable farmhouse sits at the edge of this large field. A small shed and stable stand beside the house, the creak of their wood the only sound in this peaceful place.

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The farm will fit anywhere. I’ve intentionally left it vague as to what is grown on this farm to suit the needs of a given campaign. The farm can be a standard crop such as wheat or corn or something more exotic like a living plant or even creatures. The nature of the farm will also determine its residents. A typical farm would have a commoner or expert working the field while an exotic farm might be run by the likes of a mage or monstrous creature.

Farm Features

The farm is typically easily accessible from any direction, but could rest in a more remote area. The farmhouse and shed are 10 feet tall and the stable is 12 feet tall. The indoor of the farmhouse is typically lit with a lantern, but there is no other light otherwise.

1. Farmhouse

This simple farmhouse sports a small dining table and kitchen and a modest bedroom. A small footlocker under the bed holds any treasure for this encounter. The farmer or farmers that live here keep a lantern on the table to serve as the lighting for the home.

2.  Stable and Storage

The small stable can house two adult horses comfortably. A small bin stores hay for any horses and a small trough holds water. The storage shed holds any tools necessary for field work. Among the tools is one masterwork tool such as a fine pitchfork or hoe.

3. Field

The field is simple, with rows of crop from end to end. Navigating the field is dependent on what kind of crop grows here. A shorter crop like lettuce does not impede vision in any way, but does make the field into difficult terrain. A tall crop like corn is difficult terrain and also provides cover to creature more than 5 feet apart, as obscuring mist. Traversing the field when there are no crops is a simple matter and no other difficulties arise when doing so.


The following encounters can take place here.

Encounter Challenge Rating Creatures
Ravenous “Farmer” CR 5 Advanced scarecrowB2
Mad Cows CR 7 6 aurochsB1
Children of the Field CR 9 6 flytrap leshysB5
This week’s Wandering Monsters makes use of Bestiary 1, Bestiary 2, and Bestiary 5.

Ravenous “Farmer” (CR 5)

The resident of this farm is long dead. The ravenous spirit of a notorious killer, intent with killing some more, found its way into the farm’s scarecrow, animating it and using at a vessel to kill once more. The scarecrow now resides in the farmhouse and poses as a mundane scarecrow when it goes to kill at nearby farms. If the PCs encounter the scarecrow in the house, the spirit’s mannerisms allow it to disguise as an ordinary human long enough to lure the PCs in before attacking. If encountered out in the field, the scarecrow tries to fascinate all PCs with its gaze before attacking them one by one.

Mad Cows (CR 7)

A strange curse has fallen over the cattle on the farm. They now roam across the field, eating any and all crops that grow there. If approached, the cattle gather together in a circle and rush at anyone that gets within 10 feet of them. They rush in a pack, creating a stampede. Identifying the cause of the cow’s behavior requires a successful DC 20 Heal or DC 25 Spellcraft check, but lifting the curse is another matter altogether. The curse is set at a DC 17. Once lifted, the cattle return to their normal lives.

Children of the Field (CR 9)

The magical keeper of the field uses flytrap leshys as guardians. These leshys roam about the farm, watching for intruders and thieves. If the leshy feels confident about its success, it engages the intruder on its own. Otherwise, it calls to its siblings and the six unite to form a massive mass of gnashing teeth and biting hands. A successful DC 25 Knowledge (nature) or Survival check recounts enough knowledge to give the leshys pause, allowing a group to make their case as to their intrusion. The leshys might be convinced that PCs are here for a good cause, but an unsuccessful attempt cause the leshys to attack with more aggression than normal.

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