Private Sanctuary 298 – Special: Alex Augunas and the Harrowed Character Builder

Technical issues abound today in the Private Sanctuary Podcast! Crippling, terrible issues that prevented Alexander Augunas, the Everyman Gamer, and Anthony Li, the Man Behind the Screens, from recording their originally planned episode. Left with no options other than to cancel the show entirely for the week, the pair pulls out a surprise card (or cards, as it may be) by offering a unique opportunity to hear Alex’s design work in action. Today in the Private Sanctuary, you’ll get the unique opportunity to listen to Alex run the Harrowed Character Building system for his Strange Aeons victims players. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

WARNING: This file wasn’t originally intended for publishing, so the sound quality isn’t as high as it usually is. Also, be aware that Alex’s players are exceptionally cheeky, and the West Schneider Cheeky Language Alert (TM) is in effect for this episode.

Sorry, but it was out of our control. 🙁

Hey! Listen!

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  1. Will J

    *Wes (not West) Schneider.

  2. Medtec28

    While I did find this an interesting listen, I was struck by two things. First, I would probably have walked away from the table if this rule was presented to me. Second, I was surprised that someone who stayed away from PFS play for so long because he was not allowed to play a Kitsune would have invented it.

  3. Mike P

    I was very interested to see how you system would work in the “real” world. I greatly enjoy the mechanics that build background and promote roleplay found in many of the newer indie systems. You went full Pathfinder with the complexity of your design, not necessarily a bad thing. The one aspect I disagree with most in how it played out was how much you filled in the story elements for the players. I might have given a basic outline of what each card meant and let the player pick the details, with the other players maybe picking for one card and the GM only giving help when there is some writers block. Still I think it is a good system and I’m interested in hearing how it plays out in future sessions.