Private Sanctuary Podcast 295 – How To: Harrow Readings [Audio]

Welcome to the Private Sanctuary Podcast! In today’s episode, Alexander Augunas, the Everyman Gamer, and Jefferson “Perram” Thacker are your guides to the Harrow—an occult fortunetelling method used throughout Pathfinder’s campaign setting in the first installment of Private Sanctuary’s How To series. To kick it off, Alex and Perram have recorded the episode live, so fans of the Know Direction Network can choose whether to listen to or view this exciting episode!

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  1. Joe Collins

    When Ryan was on both shows, there was a common denominator. With the life issues, illnesses, tech assistance, etc. causing multiple fill-in hosts, that same familiar feel is back. I realize this may have been more accident than design, but please keep it up whenever possible. I especially like when a fill in host can be used to thier strengths, such as Alex on game minutia (or Perram on TechnoMarine, as seen ino this episode), as well as unexpected gems like Alex and Perram discussing Reign of Winter. Thank you for all the great work!

    • Alex Augunas

      Thanks! We have been talking about blending our staff together more and where we do our respective things. Its great to hear that people like it.

      We’ve been actively trying to “shake things up,” so to speak, and we still have more shaking up to do in the near future. 🙂