Private Sanctuary 285 – Create Demiplane: Intrigue and Things

Anthony and Alex return to their land of ice and snow for their final episode of the Private Sanctuary Podcast during the Know Direction Network’s Intriguing April event. They discuss all manner of mysteries and plots on the demiplane, and brainstorm a surprising amount of content that you might not have been expecting. Come in out of the cold and listen to the Everyman Gamer and the Man Behind the Screens today!

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  1. Christopher Eich

    In this megapolis you could even have wyrmlings and other relatively young dragons acting similar to the street judges of the Judge Dredd universe. And with different dragons having different alignments, they could have fun corruption by virtue of maintaining the same laws to different ideals.

  2. Dean Jones

    Spell Sage: Yep, the point I wanted to make with that was that renegade non-dragon societies could survive with enough magic.

    Wyrwoods: Yeah, fair enough.

  3. James Vance

    Perhaps most dragons believe that they require both devotion from humanoids and treasure to pass on to their version of the afterlife?

  4. James Vance

    Perhaps you can have many smaller younger dragons in a larger settlement, rather than one big one?

    This wouldnt be practical for the settlement’s defense, but you would have a bit more variety in concepts.