Private Sanctuary Podcast 280 – Detect the Faithful: Pharasma

The Everyman Gamer and the Man Behind the Screens are back with an all-new episode for the Private Sanctuary Podcast! Today’s episode is a Detect the Faithful segment, and today Anthony Li and Alex Augunas will be taking a peak in the timeless traditions of the church of Pharasma. Come rest your weary bones as Alex and Anthony ramble on like two old souls about the Lady of Graves, today on the Private Sanctuary Podcast!

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  1. Chris Carlson

    Nice cast guys! One thing is i have a ton of trouble hearing you two when I’m commuting. A 50-60% increase in general maximum volume would be super helpful. That way people who don’t have issues can listen to you at a lower setting but i have your show on full blast and decent earphones and i miss things you guys say. Thanks for reading this!