Private Sanctuary 271 – Dimension Door: The Esoteric Planes

Alexander Augunas and Anthony Li, cohort cohosts of the Private Sanctuary Podcast, are kicking off Occult October with an all-new episode of Dimension Door. Today’s topic: the esoteric planes! Have a seat and gaze at the wonders of realms within realms and sights within sights as Alex and Anthony tell you what’s what in several different planes housed within (or around) the Inner Sphere! 

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Dimension Door Script

Why Adventure in the Planes?

The Esoteric Planes

  • Positive Energy / Negative Energy
  • Material
  • Ethereal
    • Dimension of Dreams
  • Astral
    • Akashic Record
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  1. Mark Orr

    For your next occult October episode I suggest doing an episode on occult monsters. I know we don’t have the Occult Bestiary yet, but there are monsters from older Pathfinder products that would work well in an occult campaign.

    Loved this episode…oddly enough I was already planning an adventure involving the Acashic record.

  2. Matthew Stinson

    Loved the episode!
    For the next episode I think it would be cool to hear about cultures in Golarian that have occult ties and traditions. Also how the dogma of occult characters and arcane characters interact in adventure design, world building, and between characters (player and NPC) at the table.

  3. Scott Melville

    I’d wouldn’t mind a discussion on the new element, Aether. Telekineticists have some weird abilities that use it. Healing, invisibility, flight, disintegration, force fields, etc. Sounds like its basically the Force, an energy field created by all living things. I’d be interested in the occult origins of it and how it impacts Golarion.

    But I will be really disappointed if its actually just micro-organisms living in your blood.