Private Sanctuary 262 – Class Features: Skald

Alex and Anthony continue their quest to detail ALL of the Advanced Class Guide classes on the Private Sanctuary Podcast in today’s installment of Class Features! This time, the Private Sanctuary gents tackle one of the most deceptively simple of the hybrid classes, the skald! Hop on in to see what they have to say about everyone’s heavy-metal hybrid class!

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  • Skald
    • Vital Stats
    • Class Features
    • Bloodlines
    • Archetypes
  • Playing a Bloodrager
  • Storytime with Anthony
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  1. Ivo D.

    Do the Slayer!

    • Anthony Li

      Alex has some experience with the Slayer (I think) and I’m hoping to get a feel for the class soon. I was initially pretty excited about it as an NPC class. Something quick and easy I could throw up against my players with numbers enough to feel threatening. But I admit I haven’t looked too deeply into it.

  2. BardWannabe

    Thank you for the timely coverage; I’ve been debating with myself whether to use my Suli race boon to make a Skald or a Daring Champion Cavalier.

    I look forward to your coverage of the War Priest because you sound very excited about them and I’m not sure why yet, other than the fact than it works better for dwarves than Paladin does.

    • Anthony Li

      Thematically, I’m very excited about the War Priest. Mechanically… we’ll see. But I imagine Alex will have a lot more to say in that regard than I do.

  3. Samurai Jon

    Very interesting discussion! But one key thing overlooked about Inspired Rage that I always bring up — while the Str/Con bonuses increase at levels 1/8/16, the Will save bonus increases at 1/4/8/12/16/20. So a 20th level skald provides a whopping +6 bonus on Will saves! Now that’s something to really make them a barbarian/bloodrager/fighter/rogue/practically-anything’s best friend.