Private Sanctuary Podcast 267 – Detect the Faithful: Asmodeus

Coming now during the Know Direction Network’s One Hell of an August, the Private Sanctuary Duo, Alex Augunas and Anthony Li, tackle their biggest adversary yet in an all-new segment of deific proportions: Detect the Faithful – Asmodeus! Sit back and listen as Alex and Anthony provide a crash course into the mythology and history of  Golarion’s most notorious schemer, the Prince of Darkness himself, Asmodeus!

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Detect the Faithful Script

  • Mythology
  • Asmodeus “Stats”
  • Out of Character Characterization
  • Heirarchy of Hell
  • Who Worships Him?
  • PC Suggestions
  • NPC / Villain Suggestions
  • Additional References
  • Announcements
  • Outro


This is the last episode that Anthony and I will be recording … in Google Hangouts. (Did I have you scared there? DID I?)

We’ve heard overwhelming feedback about our audio quality and after having Perram crunch the numbers, the Know Direction Network has unanimously decided that the Private Sanctuary Podcast has outgrown Google Hangouts and will be moving to a service that can more effectively handle and process our show, which should drastically improve the audio. Anthony and I have big plans for the Private Sanctuary Podcast, and none of them will work if we sound terrible. So with any luck, this will be our last episode on Google Hangouts before we make the switch. (Though a lot of it depends on my ability to learn to use whatever new program Anthony and I decide on.

Stay tuned!

Alex Augunas

Admin Istrator

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