Private Sanctuary 266 – Dimension Door: Cheliax, the Infernal Empire

It wouldn’t be a Hell of an August unless the Private Sanctuary boys, Alexander Augunas and Anthony Li, sat down and talked a spell about Cheliax, providence of Hell. Join them for another episode of Dimension Door as they explore a region of the Inner Sea that’s about to get a lot of love and attention in the coming months!

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Dimension Door Script

  • History of Cheliax
  • Cities
  • Organizations
  • Adventure Themes
  • Running an Adventure in Cheliax
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  1. Enjoyed the podcast quite a bit.

    My one issue is that scattered through the Golarion Pathfdiner books, Paizo regularly mentions that while the Hell Knight Orders work with House Thrune and Church of Asmodeus, they dont work for them. And that the orders will destroy a member who is too corrupted by Hell (making his loyalty to the order suspect).

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