Know Direction 110 – Nananananananana… Bulmahn!

We talk with Jason Bulmagn from Paizo about the Vigilante class play-test from Ultimate Intrigue. Are dead parents required? Then we discuss Free RPG day goblins, the Occult Adventures Iconics, and answer listener questions!

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Interview: Jason Bulmahn

As has been the trend, Paizo let the Pathfinder player base in on the playtest process with the Ultimate Intrigue playtest. Here to talk about the upcoming vigilante base class is the Pathfinder RPG lead designer, Jason Bulmahn.


  • Free RPG Day!
    • We Be Goblins Free
    • Ekkie
    • Originally from Rise of the Goblin Guild
    • Syrinscape Player Character Soundsets
    • Scott Thorne’s Free RPG Day thoughts on ICv2:
  • Meeting the Occult Adventures Iconics
    • Estra, the iconic spirtualist
    • Mavaro, the iconic occultist
    • The Vigilante!

Know Questions

  • Chanin Vichaita
    Know Question: A rogue has the unarmed combat feat, wears a cestus, and wields a crossbow; does he still get to threaten for AOO’s? We have a rogue who says he just takes his Cestus wearing hand off the crossbow and still threatens. Can you let me know if this is allowable per the rules?
  • Will Huston via
    So, I know nothing of miniatures. Where should I look to find miniatures? Also, what are face cards and pawns and can I use those instead? I’m tired of using my d12 to represent my character.
  • David “Jester” Gibson via
    When do Attacks of Opportunity rechage: start of the round, start of a turn, end of a turn? As an example, if someone uses greater trip to take an AoO in the middle of their turn, when can they make another?

Wrap Up and Shout Outs

  • The official Battle Foam Pathfinder bag
  • Pathfinder Origins #5
  • GenCon KD Con Team



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  1. When wearing a cestus, you are counted as armed so you don’t need improved unarmed… The crossbow is at a -2 to attack because of the cestus.

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