Private Sanctuary 26 – Bestow Insight: Unchained Skills and Options

Ryan Costello has declared May to be Pathfinder Unchained month here at the Know Direction Network, and Anthony and Alex of the Private Sanctuary Podcast are more than happy to climb aboard! Join our daring cohosts as they comb through Pathfinder Unchained’s second chapter, give their thoughts and opinions on it, and spitball some ideas about how you can use each chapter in YOUR game. Plus you get to hear Alex and Anthony bicker slightly; who doesn’t love that?!

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Unchained Skills and Options Script

  • About Pathfinder Unchained
  • Fractional Statistics
  • Staggered Levelling
  • Adventuring and Background Skills
  • Expanded Skill Uses
  • Consolidated Skills
  • Skill Groups
  • Variant Multiclassing
  • Skill Unlocks
  • Stamina Pool
  • Closing Thoughts

Note: This article was categorized as a Bestow Insight piece on December 28th, 2015. The article category didn’t exist on the blog’s original publishing date of May 13th, so while Anthony and Alex totally go over the Unchained Skills and Options systems in this episode, Bestow Insight as its own category wasn’t fully realized until October when they covered the psychic dueling subsystem.

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  1. Good episode, and it made me more interested in PF Unchained, but the audio is terrible.

  2. I agree with alefiend. I love the podcast and really appreciate your efforts, but the choppy audio is a bummer.

  3. Corky Kneivel Reply to Corky

    3rd – the audo makes it unlistenable imo. Its the only thing keeping me from sharing and listening to it you guys are knowledgeable, energetic, and I love the topics but I can’t get around the broken recording.

  4. Scott Melville Reply to Scott

    I love the choppy audio! But then, I also love being a contrarian.

    Good show. Great job breaking it down.

  5. I love these podcasts guys. They are a great thing to listen to at work, but I cannot for the life of me listen to this one. Can this be fixed? The audio on this one is incomprehensible.

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