Private Sanctuary 260 – Dimension Door: Belkzen, Hold of the Orcs

Alexander Augunas and Anthony Li are looking at another region of Golarion in this week’s Dimension Door! This time, Alex and Anthony explore what could arguably be the most savage region in the Inner Sea: Belkzen, the Hold of the Orcs! Click the link below and join us there!

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Dimension Door Script

  • History of Belkzen
  • Characters (PCs and NPCs)
  • Regions
  • Gods
  • Monsters
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  1. Scott Nolan Reply to Scott

    Guys: I like your work a great deal and look forward to receiving the podcast, but the sound quality of this episode was so poor, stuttering and distracting that I had to delete it without listening to more than a few minutes.

    Do you listen to how your own show sounds after you create it? You should. Please fix the sound issues so I can go back to enjoying the content!

  2. I really enjoyed this episode! Actually, the last few episodes I’ve quite enjoyed. At first when you two started some of the episodes felt a little too scripted? Like you had perfect times for the other person to start talking but there wasn’t a whole lot of discussion or questioning each others ideas. Just taking turns.

    This episode though was great, you clearly hadn’t planned entirely what parts of the book were going to come up and you asked eachother about their favorite regions and monsters from the book. Came up with some ideas of how you would start a campaign in these things, even threw in a random encountered. Loved it.

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