Private Sanctuary 255 – Create Demiplane 1: Top/Down, Bottom/Up, and Choosing Gods

Anthony Li and Alexander Augunas are talking homebrew with their first installment of Create Demiplane, a segment in which the Private Sanctuary Podcast’s Man Behind the Screens and Everyman Gamer talk about world building. If that wasn’t cool enough, they’ll be showing off the various strategies that they talk about each week by actually BUILDING a world to play in. (Specifically, a demiplane.)

In Create Demiplane’s first installment, Alex and Anthony talk about the concept of homebrewing and world building in general and settling on a few ideas and begin talking about one of the most important aspects of any campaign setting: deities.

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Create Demiplane Thus Far ….

A quick summary of our Demiplane after Episode 255.

“Subartic Plane” – Everything has been frozen over by ice and snow. No sunlight. Think Alaska in the dead of winter, year-round.

Major Deity — Codename “Flame Deity.” True Neutral. Major Deity. Has the following domains: Community, Healing, Fire, Protection.


You Decide!

After listening to Episode 255, come back here and vote in the comments section about which of the following domains our Flame Deity has. In our next Create Demiplane installment, Anthony and Alex will announce the winner and quickly finish constructing the deity before moving on to that episode’s topic. So listeners, what will be our primary deity’s fifth (and final) domain?

  • Liberation (Fire frees the world from the tyranny of frost.)
  • Magic (Magical fires resist the cold.)
  • Scalykind (Dragon deity. Mortal society has dragons that keep civilization’s fires lit.)
  • Travel (Fire is essential to travel and commerce.)



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  1. Chris Carlson Reply to Chris

    This was a fantastic episode! I had to comment immediately after listening. I’m in a new situation for me where my friend is running a Game And i have time for serious worldbuilding and a big part of that for me is a huge home brewed pantheon that i going to have cthulhu like far realms creatures attack and kill.

  2. I’d like to congratulate you guys on the ‘new’ Private Sanctuary. Particularly your level of production. For a non-profit and non-professional podcast, you guys do really well keeping the flow going and editing afterwards to not have any large pauses. It really shows.

    Also, for the domain choice, I’d have to go Scalykind. Travel is one of my favourite domains, but the imagery of a dragon helping isolated communities stay alive in a harsh tundra is a great idea. So Scalykind is my choice!

  3. Dax Thura Reply to Dax

    It’s time that dragons got their due. I also agree that Scalykind should be the final domain.

    This has me thinking about more of the pantheon. Maybe its all (or mostly) neutral in alignment, representing the hazards of the world. The fires that give life are as dangerous as it is helpful and the dragons that keep the flames are potent entities that do not always appreciate the frailty of lesser peoples.
    Maybe make use of the domains that don’t get chosen. I think your thoughts on magic and travel would go far in another deity.
    One that I thought up was an anti-flame deity using cold, death (not undeath), and contracts.
    Just some rambling thoughts.
    Thank you.

  4. Chris Carlson Reply to Chris

    Yeah a god of magic and travel to allow for teleportation magic or magical travel through the frozen wastes. Also i immediate incorporated your use of shub’niggurath in my game’s world.

  5. I think travel because the entire build of this god seems to center around keeping people safe. And for me part of that is allowing people to be able to return to their home community. Community is where most of the fire would be and it is where the healing and protection are. I know this pushes this god towards neutral good, but we are designing are own PF God. What says we cannot just house rule the good gods have to have the good domain requirement away?

  6. I vote skalykind. I love the imigary of a protective dragon watching over your village.

    Also, it was hard to find this webpage. I suggest opening an email account so we can email in our votes.

  7. Actually, I vote against scalykind. Especially after this week’s episode about linnorms, it seems to me like using dragons as a heat source just trivializes these creatures, and a dragon should not be trivialized. I vote for travel as well.

    I really enjoyed this episode as well. You guys are doing a great job.

  8. Ivo Dragovic Reply to Ivo

    I think the Scalykind domain would be cool and some other magic and travel diety.

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