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Know Direction 100 – Giantslayer

Paizo Senior Developer Rob McCreary drops the biggest bombshells about the newest Adventure Path: Giant Slayer!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #91: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill (Giantslayer 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

Pathfinder Adventure Path #91: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill (Giantslayer 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

Interview – Senior Developer: Rob McCreary



Episode 100!

Darran Caldemeyer:

  • Update on the Kickstarter
  • Favorite Interview/ why?
  • Where you would like to see the podcast 100 episodes from now
  • How Pathfinder has shaped your lives both personally & professionally?


Chanin Vichaita

  • Talk about how, if at all, you play Pathfinder differently today compared to the first couple of years. What little things are different? (Type of classes you see, any particular parts of play maybe different now that the game has matured)
  • What are you guys excited about lately? Books, Supplements, Etc that you guys are enjoying.
  • Ryan,how’s RotRL? How has going no healer gone? Perram, how’s your home campaign and WotR? Still crazed over all the rule books?


Wrap Up and Shout Outs

  • Giant Hunter’s Handbook
  • The new Private Sanctuary
  • Goblins


Jefferson Thacker

Before Perram joined Know Direction as the show’s first full time co-host, the podcast could have best been describe as a bunch of Pathfinder RPG stuff. Perram brings a knowledge of and love for Golarion to Know Direction, something any Pathfinder podcast is lacking without. On top of being a man on the pulse of the Pathfinder campaign setting, Perram is the founder of the superlative site for Pathfinder spellcasters, Perram’s Spellbook, a free web application that creates customized spell cards.

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