Know Direction 96 – Occult Interview

Erik Mona and Brandon Hodge discuss the Occult Adventures playtest that just ended, and what we can expect from the Pathfinder RPG’s GenCon 2015 hardcover Occult Adventures. (Streamed live on Nov 26, 2014)


Know Direction Episode 96

Paizo Publisher and CCO Erik Mona, and freelancer and‘s Curator Brandon Hodge talk Occult Adventures

  • In a game already populated by vampires, witches, and Cthulhu himself, what does Occult Adventures offer to Pathfinder enthusiasts?
  • What is the fascination with the occult?
  • Brandon’s role;
  • Why now?
  • The new classes:
    • Kineticist;
    • Medium;
    • Mesmerist;
    • Occultist;
    • Psychic;
    • Spiritualist;
  • Where in Golarion?
  • Again, why now (class fatigue)?
  • Any interesting playtest notes?
  • What else you got?
    • In-depth overviews of key occult topics such as auras, ki, chakras, psychic combat, possession, occult rituals, and the esoteric planes;
    • Tons of new spells and magic items, options for existing classes, gear.
    • Thematic archetypes (ghost rider cavalier?!)

Listener Questions/Requests:


Joe Smith – Did the inclusion of the Pathfinder Society Boon for playtesting help drive up the number of reports from PFS scenarios?

Consumer Unit 553 – like making D&D games “satanic”?

Chaotic Campaign – Will we get an explanation of reincarnation in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting? Such as whether it is optional, or imposed on souls by the needs of the Gods, etc

Avenka Thalma – I would really like a pathfinder tales on this subject

Darran Caldemeyer- To both:  I personally love the Medium class and all its flavor.  Which class from the playtest are you most proud of and love its take in representing the occult.

Bastille Lungborow- Would Soul magic (ie similar to stuff in the 3.5E Magic of Incarnum) fall under the Spiritualist or the Medium Occult classes?

Avenka Thalma- Question : Are there certain regions of Golarion that are more touched by some of the occult themes that others?

Matt Wilson- With over 20 player classes and +30 Prestige Classes, why add 6 more? What do they bring to the game?


FalconLars – Will Brandon have a bunch of new troops in the Armies of Golarion book?

Darran Caldemeyer So which regions will be given an occult feel in the upcoming Armies of Golarion book?

Matthew Wayne Stinson – Question for Brandon. If you would going to write up Rasputin now, would you use a new Occult class?

FalconLars – Erik seems to be writing a lot more! So that next AP is Geb and Nex?






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