Private Sanctuary 248 – GM Cathy?

Join Cathy as she recalls her recent journey from non-GM to GM, and offers some advice for novice and hesitant GMs on their first game.

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Hello, listeners. Let me tell you the story of the podcast Ryan forgot. When Cathy GMed for first PFS scenario, I wanted to record about her experiences as soon as possible, to make sure the story was fresh in her head. But we only air one GMing episode every two months, and have for a while. So we recorded the episode early, meaning I wouldn’t have to worry about July’s GMing episode. July rolled around and I arranged for Tracy Hurley to join me for a discussion on inclusive GMing, prompted by a few lines on inclusiveness in a then-just-released 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons product. After we recorded the episode and I went to save it as PS0244-raw.mp3, as I normally would, I found there already was a PS0244-raw.mp3. Since Tracy was a special guest and the episode was more time sensitive, Cathy’s first GMing experience was bumped to the September GMing episode. This bump is evident a couple of times during the episode, most obviously while we are closing the episode and are unsure if would have launched by then. Just a bit of behind the scenes for listeners who like that kind of thing.

Also, this is the last Private Sanctuary episode featuring a Chimera Games ad. A friendly local gaming store is a valuable asset for any gamer, but one as inviting, encouraging, and chic as Café Chimera Games is particularly rare and wonderful. I know I will miss sitting down for some Pathfinder Society and a steamed milk beverage at one of Chimera’s premium game tables, and won’t be able to see ChimeraCon grow into an international event. To the staff, owner, customers, and friends I’ve met there, thanks for the memories.

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