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Mount up! Ryan and Alex analyze the cavalier in the last of the second wave of Class Features..

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Show Notes

Book: Advanced Player’s Guide

Concept: A fast-riding, noble warrior who fights from horseback.

Iconic: Alain


  • Arthurian Mythology (Knights of the Round Table)
  • European Chivalry (Cavalier Edicts)
  • Batman test
  • Our cavaliers:
    • Ryan: One in PFS.
    • Alex: One multiclass character, GMed for a Battle Herald.


  • Full BAB / D10 HD;
  • 4 + Int skill points,  Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex),Sense Motive (Wis), and Swim (Str). Two bonus class skills from Order.
  • Simple, martial weapons, all armor and shields (except tower);
  • Class features:
    • Challenge: 1st Level. Declare target as a swift action. Add cavalier level to damage against target. Gain a secondary bonus based on the cavalier’s order. Basically a non-magical smite evil.
    • Mount: 1st Level. Gain an animal companion (as a druid) suitable for serving as a mount. Camel or Horse for Medium creatures, Pony or Wolf for Small creatures, or boar/dog at 4th level. Gains Light Armor Proficiency but not share spells. Additional animals available at GM request.
    • Order: The cool cavalier’s club. Comes with rules the cavalier must follow (edicts), bonus class skills and a skill bonus, a special challenge bonus, and order abilities at 2nd, 8th, and 15th levels. Cavalier can switch orders, but takes a few levels unless he’s becoming a ronin/knight errant, which is instant.
      • Ryan’s Fav Orders: First Law (People of the Sands), Lion, Sword
      • Alex’s Fav Orders: Beast (ACG) b/c of wild shape, Blue Rose (PC lore), Cockatrice (braggart is amazing), Dragon (best aid another character ever), Flame (its the challenge that never ends!), Paw (great flavor)
    • Tactician: 1st Level. Cavalier gains a bonus teamwork feat. Can share it with all allies within 30 feet for 3 rounds plus 1 round per 2 cavalier levels. 1/day + 1 per 5 levels thereafter.
    • Mounted Charge: 3rd Level. +4 bonus on mounted attack rolls when charging instead of +2, No AC penalty for a mounted charge.
    • Expert Trainer. 4th Level. Add ½ cavalier level on Handle Animal checks on creatures that can serve as a mount. Reduce time to teach a mount a trick to 1 day per 1 week of training time by increasing DC by +5. Can train multiple animals at once by adding +2 to DC per animal after the first. Notable for the Horse Master feat.
    • Banner: 5th Level. +2 morale bonus on saves against fear and +1 on attack rolls made while charging. Bonuses increase by +1 at every 5 levels after 5th.
    • Bonus feats at 6th level, 12th level, and 18th level. Must be combat feats.
    • Greater Tactician: 9th level. Second teamwork feat that can be shared with tactician. Tactician is usable as a swift action.
    • Mighty Charge. 11th Level. Double crit threat range of weapons while making a mounted charge. Doesn’t stack with similar effects. Free bull rush, disarm, sunder, or trip maneuver if the charge is successful. Doesn’t provoke AoOs.
    • Demanding Challenge. 12th. Target takes –2 to AC against attacks made by creatures other than the cavalier. (Has to say so focused that allies can exploit it.)
    • Greater Banner. 14th. +2 morale on saves against charm and compulsion. Can wave the banner as a standard action to give allies a new save against any effect that is active on them. Poison. Dominate person. Anything. Allies benefit from it once per day.
    • Master Tactician. 17th level. Third free teamwork feat. Cavalier can share it with tactician. Cavalier grants two teamwork feats when he uses tactician instead of one. Cavalier can share any teamwork feats he has (not just those three).
    • Supreme Damage. 20th. Double damage dealt on a charge (triple if using a lance). Creatures critically hit by the charge are stunned for 1d4 rounds, or staggered for 1d4 rounds on a successful Fortitude save. DC 10 + cavalier’s Base Attack Bonus.

Ability Scores: Str / Con. Dex if you go mounted archery. Many orders love Charisma.

Best Race: Human/Half-Orc (any), Elf (mounted archery), Dwarf (medieval tank)

Roles: Damage. Additional roles based on order. (Cockatrice is awesome at debuffing, Lion is good at buffing).

  • Archetypes: Beast Rider (exotic mounts), Daring Champion (swashbuckler/cavalier mix), Spellscar Drifter (Badass gunslinger/cavalier mix from the Mana Wastes), Emissary (light armor and off-mount mobility), Gendarme (powerful charges, Power Attack, unseating enemy cavaliers), Herald Squire (cavalier for your followers), Honor Guard (great buffing archetype; gains bodyguard for free), Qadrian Horselord (scimitar-brandishing desert rider), Huntmaster (RELEASE THE HOUNDS! Packmaster Druid for knights), Luring Cavalier (Switch-hitter cavalier), Musketeer (Cavalier with a musket), Standard Bearer (switches levels that you gain mount and banner; nice if you don’t want a mount), Strategist (utilimate tactician, makes tactician even better), Wave Rider (cavalier who rides on aquatic mounts)

Roleplaying Keywords: Knight. King Arthur. pompous, noble, militant

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  1. David Landon Cole Reply to David

    I really like the idea of a camel-riding, scimitar-wielding cavalier. Add in Order of the First Law and I think you could have a really interesting Rahadoumi character.

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