Know Direction 88 – PaizoCon-cluded

PaizoCon 2014 came and went. Ryan shares the big news and tells Perram about his new favourite PaizoCon memories.

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2014’s PaizoCon-clusion!
What happened at the most Pathfinder-focused event of the year?

Pathfinder News
No product catalog this year, but we found out the following at the banquet:

·         RPG:
o   Pathfinder Unchained (Spring 2015)
§  Pathfinder was made with one eye on the 3.5 rear view mirror. How would it be different if the game was designed today?
§  If the designers weren’t restricted by synergy, tradition, or logic, what could they do to the Pathfinder RPG rules?
§  New takes on four of the games problem classes.
o   Advanced Class Guide
§  Every new class will receive 4 pages of options and archetypes;
§  Each of the game’s existing class will receive 1 page of options and archetypes;
§ Jason Bulmahn said the total number of classes will be 30 after the ACG, but the actual number is 29 not counting alternate classes and 32 counting alternate classes (including the antipaladin), so it’s not known if the ninja and samurai will get their own pages or not.
o   Monster Codex 
§  Not much news, just more art. Looks pretty.
o   Strategy Guide
§  Delayed for numerous reasons, such as layout.

·         AP: Giant Slayer
o   You know who has it coming? Giants.
o   If the sample art is to be believed, there will be taiga giants, stone giants, and frost giants;
o   Sean K Reynolds writing?

·         Licensing
o   Pathfinder Minimates
§  Four-pack due in October;
§  12 exclusive miniatures will be available all over GenCon (including KonKrud, a Licktoad goblin, and Razmiri priest), but they will be challenging to obtain.
o   Pathfinder Comics
§  Dark Waters Rising vol 2
§  Goblins hardcover TPB
o   Syrinscape:
§  RotRL is out now! And you can get a month free! And Know Direction listeners can look forward to a treat! o   Campaign Coins is minting a Sihedron medallion.

·         Adventure Card Game
o   Adventure Card Game is huge!
o   Skull & Shackles (due this August) was demoed round the clock;
o   Next set, Wrath of the Righteous, introduces Mythic card;
o   Tanis O’Connor talks Pathfinder Society – Adventure Card Guild new organized play program features:
§  Season 0: Season of the Shackles (experimental season)
§  Weekly (weekly!) PFS:ACG scenarios (PDFs) released to VOs & participating retailers;
§  New class decks: bard, cleric, fighter, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, wizard.

·         Pathfinder Online
o   Soon…
·         Next Year’s PaizoCon: Friday, May 22nd – Memorial Day/Victoria Day, Monday, May 25th, 2015, at a new venue, the Doubletree by Hilton.

PaizoCon Thoughts:
·         Volunteer(s) of the Year: England VCs Dave Harrison and Rob Silk
·         Balancing con goals;
·         Spoiler-free 6-00 Legacy of the Stonelords thoughts:
o   Justin Riddler’s whole new level of buff tracking (with Ryan Scheppler);
·         Middling trivia;
·         Other highlights:

Ponyfinder (Pathfinder editor-in-chief approved!)
Comic Bento
Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Action Figures

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