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This is the first episode in which I felt the need to hashtag, in this case adding a wrestling tag after AJ Styles’ name. I did this for two reasons: 1. As an index point for anyone unfamiliar with who AJ Styles is; 2. As a warning to those who may be uninterested in wrestling content.
Maybe it’s just me, but for all my interests that I consider geeky, wrestling is the most polarizing. It fits into a separate category of geek. Sure, Sgt Slaughter was both a wrestler and a GI Joe, but even with Slaughter’s military gimmick, that was more of odd coupling than a smooth fit. If franchises were tag teams, this would be more Team Hell No than the Legion of Doom.

There are two wrestling fan stereotypes, which reflects why wrestling is so polarizing. The mark, who willingly buys into the violence and spectacle of it, cheers for the good guys, boos the bad guys, and finds the rampant homophobia and sexism hilarious. Then there’s the smart, the guy who appreciates the 360 degree, live audience theatrics of wrestling, that wrestling has no off season, and that if a plot is getting a negative reaction or a player gets injured mid-story, the show must adapt. Smarts are wrestling geeks. We love the unique storytelling that wrestling developed organically. We’re the reason early YouTube was 90% wrestling clips. And we’re the reason I think geeks can like wrestling in the same way they like comics, Star Wars, and Pathfinder. At the same time, if wrestling isn’t your thing, not even 7 minutes of it, I’m not going to spring it on you unexpected and I’m not going to force you to listen to it. Wrestling talk starts at 2:02 and goes until 8:26. That said, we’re all geeks. Can’t we all just geek together?

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