Know Direction 75 – SKR Superstar 2014

Know Direction 75 – Late December 2013

Paizo’s annual RPG Suerstar contest is always a great time for designers to grab for the brass ring or at least gain insight into the minds of designers and developers, while hobbyists enjoy some inspirational free material. Seak K Reynolds, multiple time RPG Superstar judge, now RPG Superstar host, joins us to talk about RPG Superstar 2014.

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Sean K. Reynolds: Paizo Designer and RPG Superstar 2014 host


News & Banter

  1. Advanced Class Guide Preview has wrapped up!  Pathfinder Society players are to continue to use the 2nd playtest document for their characters until the final book releases. (

  2. PFS Travel Plans: John Compton wants to know where you want to go in Golarion!  A post on the Paizo Blog is asking what locations you’d like to see in future PFS scenarios.  Go there and make your suggestions! (

  3. PFS Season 5 is meta-plotsome!

  4. We Have Lift-Off!  – Wrath of the Righteous Session 1

    • And the Cast is:

      • Siden – Female Aasimar Paladin of Iomedea (Brandon Thacker)

      • Alex Milani – Female Inquisitor of Milani (Chris Hall)

      • Xavier Loginous – Male Human Bloodrager [Celestial] (Chad Web)

      • Gunnar – Male Human Cleric of Milani (Patrick Tacket)

      • Rynod – Male Aasimar Conjuror (Jeff Elswick)

    • Npcs, Npcs, Npcs

      • Side note: Why don’t players trust the NPCs?!

    • Deus Ex ZOMGDEMON!

    • Special Effects, and a Confederate – Lights Out!

    • Milani?

    • Which book was that in again… (LOTS of Books Required, heavy amount of Lore)

      • Especially when Contrasted to RotRL, which was basically an introduction to Golarion.




  1. Gingerbread Kaiju released!

  2. Advanced Bestiary funded! ($50k! Full Color Artwork)

  3. Mythic support: Rogue Genius Games and Legendary Games

  4. Roll20

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