Welcome to 3.5 Private Sanctuary

3.5 Private Sanctuary is the online home of 3.5 loyalists and Pathfinder enthusiasts. Featuring new audio and writen content every week, including:

The Private Sanctuary podcast: The flagship podcast, featuring 35 minutes of original discussion on 3.5 classes, races, crunch, flavour, and DMing advice. Hosted by Ryan Costello, Jr and Matt Belanger.

Know Direction: The Pathfinder RPG news, reviews, and interviews podcast. Hosted by Ryan Costello, Jr and Perram, of Perram’s Spellbook.

Dwarfed: The original podio satire about Markle, a meak and hairless dwarf who takes on the adventure of a lifetime tocomplete the destiny of a deadman.

All this and more! Remember, you’re always welcome in our Private Sanctuary.

A special three and a half thanks to Tahsin for the help getting this template going.

Jefferson Thacker

Before Perram joined Know Direction as the show’s first full time co-host, the podcast could have best been describe as a bunch of Pathfinder RPG stuff. Perram brings a knowledge of and love for Golarion to Know Direction, something any Pathfinder podcast is lacking without. On top of being a man on the pulse of the Pathfinder campaign setting, Perram is the founder of the superlative site for Pathfinder spellcasters, Perram’s Spellbook, a free web application that creates customized spell cards.

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