PS071 – Class Feature – Druids

Class Features 4: The Druid.

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Wild Shape is like Manimal.

Ryan didn’t know if he hearda rant about Call Lightning onNot Save Against Frostbite or Bearswarm. Ends up, it was on the Trapcast.

Jay wasn’t kidding when he described the Druid as an advanced class. Three seperate issues of Dragon magazine (all currently available from Paizo )

included Divine Class Actsto help organize druid players:

Issue 341: Druid Spells by School is useful for quickly determining what spells benefit certain abilities apply to. Spell Focus: Conjuration is a prerequisite for Augment Healing afterall.

Issue 348: Wild Shape Guide outlights everything you need to knoe about a variety of animals from multiple sourcebook. It also includes a link to the Wild Shape errata.

Issue 355: Druid Guide offers tips, clarrifications, and charts to help run a Druid smoothly.


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