PS019 – Porting Pop Culture

How would Jay, Ryan, special guest Matt, and eventually Tina turn select characters and personalities from popular culture into Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 PCs and villains?

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Show Notes

This week’s podcast shout out  went to That’s How We Roll, a recorded game session podcast that has nothing to do with  Canadian wrestler Christian Cage, who made “That’s how I roll” his catchphrase when he debuted for Total Nonstop Action.

Here are some of the pop culture characters discussed or mentioned in passing during this week’s podcast. If you aren’t interested in finding out who makes the list before hearing the podcast, listen no further.

Special thanks to the Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia , the two easiest sources for information on the internet.

Nintendo’s other mascot, Link from the Legend of Zelda series of video games, as well as appearances on the
Super Mario Brothers Super Show and Captain N: The Game Master

DC Comic’s hero Batman, who was trained as a ninja in Batman Begins

André the Giant ‘s memorable character Fezzik from the Princess Bride

Another DC comin book character, this time a villain, Lex Luthor

No matter who plays him, this character is the awesomest Brit alive, James Bond

Read up on how iconic villain Skeletor is referenced in the World of Warcraft.

Her series may have been short lived, but Jessica Alba owes her career to the exposure she got playing Dark Angel

Brendan Frasier‘s bumbly answer to Indiana Jones, Rick O’Connell, can be seen in The Mummy , The Mummy Returns, nd the upcoming The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Bruce Campbell may not want to be called Ash, but he has to admit that the character brought to live as only he can for the Evil Dead trilogy will live on long after memories of his Elvis vs a Mummy movie Bubba Ho Tep or Pokémon‘s Ash are gone.

Arguably the main character on the ensemble show Heroes , Peter Petrelli

Keanu Reeves’ epic turn as an emotionally unpronounced dude that’s trying to do what’s right but isn’t sure how. Well that pretty much describes every character he’s every played, including Ted “Theodore” Logan,doesn’t it? Well in this case we’re talking about Constantine .

Winner of this week’s wierdest reference, Smokey the Bear

What can I say about Rand Althor? I never read Wheel of Time.

You want information on GI Joe ‘s Spirit Iron Knife? Here you go .

Stereotype shattering heroin of the Alien Quadrology, Ellen Ripley.

Boxing Legend Mohammed Ali

Three Musketeer , D’Artagnan

No buddy pulls arms off of Storm Troopers in Star Wars Lego II like Chewbacca. What a wookie!

Two different takes on  the same religious icon, Jesus Christ Superstar and Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter

Comic’s most heroic terrorist, V For Vendetta

The creepiest clown this side of the circus, Steven King’s It (which featured a young Seth Green )

And finally, the southern belle that won’t go hungry again (it’s true, she even had a witness) Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind

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