PS016 – Background

An unedited look at the importance of character background, the latest happenings in RPG podcasts other than ours, and Ryan’s shelf-related OCD.

Oh, by unedited, we don’t mean R-rated or extra sexy or anything. We just didn’t have time to edit before our D&D session.

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This episode could have been called “Other people’s podcasts”. Ryan and Jay’s somewhat negative remarks about the October (episode 16 ) and November (episode 17) episodes of the Official D&D Podcast was followed by a curiously long gap before January’s episodes 18. Coincidence, or did Jay make Mike Mearls and David Noonan cry? Hope not, we love those podcasts.

As new members of , Ryan thought it would be fitting to pimp a fellow network podcast, Ross Payton’s Role Playing Public Radio . RPPR helped inspire today’s topic on character backgrounds, along with this thread on our forums (the very same forum that you can follow The Bard Project )


Jay discovered in the product listings that the original 4th edition release dates of PH in May 08, MM in June 08 and DMG in July 08 have changed. Now all three books are scheduled for a June 6th release. Board member THAC0 provided us with a link to an October Ampersand stating the release dates were changes to June 6th

Finally, to you local fans (who already know a thing or two about skating), is a great networking resource if you’re trying to find kindred spirits or something geeky to do.

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