PS005 – Crossovers

Ryan and Jay look back on all the success and failure Dungeons & Dragons has had crossing into other mediums. And they recount their favourite moments of metagame knowledge in their home sessions.

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As any true player of Satan’s Game , you should be prepared for the path that lies ahead. Here’s a digital map of Dante’s Inferno

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the 80s has no official site, so here’s all the info the Internet Movie Database has on it. When you’re done reading that, buy it !

Cast. Box office. Plot summery. Everything you didn’t care to know about Dungeons & Dragons The Movie, including where to buy it .

Optimistic movie viewer? Here’s info on the second D&D movie, the overlooked and under funded Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon Gods , including a link to Amazon .

The Dragonlance trailer that made Jay cringe.

Slice of Sci-Fi (a highly recommended podcast) Tracey Hickman interview , about the father of Dragonlance and many other classic D&D settings on the upcoming Dragonlance cartoon.

Watch Knight Chills if you dare. Buy it if you have ten bucks lying around.

Ends up Ryan was confused by the seperate covers for The Gamers and The Gamers: Director’s Cut Listeners Eric St. Pierre and Joel hooked us up with more info on the Dead Gentlemen’s production The Gamers.

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