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Every week, Now You Know recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, previews the Know Direction content of the week to come, and shares the thoughts on the state of the network from the director of operations, Ryan Costello.

Call this part two of last week’s editorial. As announced on the latest episode of Know Direction, Luis Loza will be leaving the podcast and the Know Direction Network. Luis joined us in July of 2016, first as a blogger, then as co-host of Legend Lore. He constantly showed initiative, conceiving, casting, GMed, and producing Valiant by himself. He was one of the top choices to replace me as co-host of Know Direction, with the only concerns being that he’d be too busy, and he might feel uncomfortable as a Paizo developer.

I’ll miss having Luis on the network. He’s universally acknowledged as the best human. He and Loren’s dynamic entertained me while informing me about the ins and outs of 2e and the Pathfinder campaign setting. He taught me GMing tips and techniques in his Luis’ corner segments on Valiant. And he made me proud behind the wheel of the flagship.

It’s been a period of transitional for Know Direction. This time last year I announced that I was stepping down from the podcast. In that time, Perram also left not just the podcast but the network. At the time, the network had seen also constant growth, with very few staff members leaving after joining. So for Perram, the oldest and highest ranking staff member to leave was a huge deal. Luis leaving is up there with that, and it’s only five months.

Hence, the hiatus. On top of fortifying the future of the flagship, there’s some foundational items on the network To Do list. It’ll be nice to have time committed to filling the pot holes instead of only paving the next 0.621371 miles ahead. Some content will continue to release, maybe even most of the content, but any staff that needs a break is encouraged to take in.


Speaking of Know Direction Network content, here’s a recap of the Know Direction podcasts, blogs, and streams from last week:

Recap of September 12th to 16th

What happened last week on and

Monday, September 12th


Know Direction 284 Live – Long Live the Kingmaker

The crowdsourced collected and updated Kingmaker Adventure Path hardcover started arriving in backers’ hands, including Luis and Vanessa. They dug into the latest incarnation of the celebrated adventure together.



Now You Know – Return of the September Slump

It seems like just a month ago I talked about content making a comeback. Which is why the hiatus is optional, really. Adventurous and Upshift just came back, and I don’t want to lose momentum already.

Tuesday, September 13th


Young and Adventurous 009 – That Bloody Painting

Xavier is at his least effective when he’s soloing undead, which is also when he’s at his most fun to roleplay. Also, a bunch of undead poured out of the painting and set fire to the library!


Fox’s Cunning — Broken Reflections

This was fun. Dustin created a 1st level 2e encounter tied to Dark Archive and drawing from Pathfinder Infinite’s NPC Index: Warriors/NPC Index: Spellcasters.

Wednesday, September 14th


Know Direction: Beyond 73 Live – Director Discourse

Alex, James, and Dustin bring on big old ball of creative energy Thurston Hillman, new Starfinder creative director.


Know Direction 284 – Long Live the Kingmaker

The episode that will go down in history as when Luis announced his departure.

Presenting – Andrew White

From Front-End Engineering Lead At A Gaming Company To Freelancing For Said Company’s Games: The Andrew White Story.

Thursday, September 15th



Investing In: Kingmaker’s Kineticists
By Rob Pontious

On Monday, Vanessa and Luis bring up that the canonical kineticists in Kingmaker were presented as elemantalist sorcerers in Kingmaker. Rob heard this, took up the gauntlet, and stated them out using the playtest kineticist rules.

Friday, September 16th


Know Direction: Beyond 73 – Director Discourse

Thursty tells Alex, James, and Dustin all his thoughts on Warhammer. Oh, and the future of Starfinder, including some upcoming products he’s especially excited about.

Preview of September 19th to 23rd

Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, September 19th


Patron’s Private Sanctum 51

Recorded after Know Direction 284 – Long Live the Kingmaker, Vanessa and Luis riff on other RPGs on their plates, other 1e APs they’d still like to play, and their past AP experiences.


Intrepid Heroes 095 – Bantrids on the Ceiling

GM Ron Lundeen answers the question “How does a tower eat?”


Now You Know – Wishing Luis Well
By Ryan Costello

I thought of calling this “Wishing Luis Loza Well” for the alliteration sammich effect.

Tuesday, September 20th


Game Design Unboxed 46: Supershow

Danielle speaks with designer and publisher Steve Resk about his game pro wrestling tabletop game Supershow


Eldritch Excursion
By Nate Wright

Nate Wright’s journal of flavour and mechanics.

Wednesday, September 21st



Behind The Screens
By Ryan Costello

Veteran Game Master Ryan Costello talks with his fellow GMs on their side of the GM screen.

Thursday, September 22nd


Digital Divination 66

John and Jason talk Starfinder.

Friday, September 23rd


Upshift 003 – Settling Your Setting

Ryan and Jason discuss how to take the settings of the Essence20 games and make them your own.


Iconic Design – Hero Forge Fridays
By Alex Auguna

Iconic Designs meets Hero Forge Fridays as Alex Augunas creates a mini and stat block every week.


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