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You can rewrite lost text, you can redraw a lost image, but you can’t rerecord lost audio.

OK, technically not true. Still, out of all the things I’ve misplaced -and as a forgetful and messy person, that’s a lot- I get most frustrated when I lose audio. It’s only happened a few of times before. Most memorably: I accidentally deleted the wrong take on an old Private Sanctuary and had to rerecord; and more recently, I recorded a video addressing George Floyd’s murder without a mic setup, which I tried to rerecord but the first take was so raw and took too much out of me to recreate.

Last week, I lost audio twice. One was for the Patron’s Private Sanctum, in which Perram and I talked about his, Loren, and Vanessa’s new obsession, Valheim. An unfortunate loss, but at least our live audience got to experience it. The other was the recording of the special Legend Lore new player’s one shot session 0.

That second one was harsh. I berated myself most of the morning when I realized that audio was lost. I dedicated the last two Recall Knowledge editorials to the challenges of scheduling that recording, so that alone was a loss. But moreover, it was good audio. We would never be able to recreate Eleanor Langthorne’s reaction to learning about Pathfinder gnomes for the first time.

You may have noticed that recording showed up in your Know Direction podcast feed this morning. Well where I messed up, losing the audio and not having a backup, Luis had me covered. He’d recorded the call as well. We can all thank Luis for saving my butt and getting you the prelude to the Legend Lore New Players Guide One Shot.

Which brings me to the title of today’s editorial. I need a break.

Since Private Sanctuary kicked off in 2007, very rarely has there been a week in which I didn’t record, edit, or write something for the network. I’ve gotten married, had two kids, and changed careers twice in that time.

Perram could use the break too. Just looking at the last few weeks, Kentucky’s been dealing with power and Internet outages due to the storm. Let alone everything else.

So, in a few weeks, we’ll both be taking some time off from the constant churn of network responsibilities. It won’t be next week’s episode of Know Direction, as that will be our review of Bestiary 3 and we don’t want to skip a hardcover. But there are soft plans at best for what the March 24th episode could look like. That makes it an ideal time for us to take off. An episode of Know Direction will still air and release, but for the first time ever, neither Perram nor I will be involved in it.

Speaking of Know Direction Network content, here’s a recap of what you might have missed last week from the Know Direction Network:

Recap of February 22nd to February 26th

What happened last week on and

Monday, February 22nd


Adventurous 052 – Bloodletter Alley

Adventurous returns with a good cross section of plot advancement and mystery box opening.  


Recall Knowledge – Recording Adventures
By Ryan Costello

This is the second of the two editorials I alluded to earlier about scheduling.

Tuesday, February 23rd


Digital Divination 024 – Writing for Starfinder

As I mentioned in last week’s Know Direction, this is solid advice for anyone looking to write for RPGs. It’s about the professional side of writing, not the creative side, and extremely insightful.    

Burst of Insight – Writer’s Block Blues
by Andrew Marlowe

Andrew’s been struggling with his creative drive, and has been using his blog to work through it. I think a lot of our readers can relate to what Andrew’s going through.

Wednesday, February 24th


How To Host Online Players At Home – Know Direction Live

Randal and Will loaded the first segment with useful advice and options, so I hope this episode isn’t just remembered as the episode Perram ranted about PFS locking out an entire book’s options.

What Perram had to say was important, informed, and at times personal. It’s well worth the listen. But the advice on playing a hybrid of online and at home gaming is also valuable, just differently so.


Game Design Unboxed 9: The Networks

The Networks is a game that’s up my alley, and came out at a time when I was at my height of interest in board games. Unfortunately, I was also curating Board Game Bento at the time, which meant most of my board game play time was spent on games for consideration in our subscription box. Now, I’d have loved to include The Networks, but as Gil mentions in the interview, one of the game’s issues at launch was supply.
Hopefully I’ll get to play it soon, as this interview rekindled my interest in the theme and mechanic.


Groundbreaking – Caldera Magical Academy (Guilds)
By Randal Meyer

I know Randal mentioned on his last appearance that his latest Groundbreaking (this one) was more zoomed in than his typical world building articles, but I like it. Although the topic is the Caldera Magical Academy specifically, but I think it can be generalized to magic using civil servants around a city.

Thursday, February 25th


Know Direction 244 – How To Host Online Players At Home

I’ve updated the episode’s description to include links to the resources we talked about during the episode, as well as a video Will put together for Randal on adding scenes to Foundry.


Something Creates – A Theme pt. 1
By Andrew Sturtevant

Starfinder’s themes mechanic only appear in that game, so I have minimal experience with them. It’ll be interested to learn about them through a designers lense.

Friday, February 26th


Intrepid Heroes 054 – Making “Friends”

My favourite part of this episode was when the players debated the validity of GM Ron Lundeen’s claim that this monster was the weirdest thing they’ve seen in a long time.


Bend the Knee Heightened – Stats for Waffles
By Loren Sieg

My first interaction with the WafflesMapleSyrup Network was as our Super Smashfinder opponents. Nice to get to know them better. Not just who they are and how they got into gaming, but also their stat blocks.

Preview of March 1st to March 5th

This is back to Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, March 1st


Legend Lore Special Edition: New Players Guide, Part 4: Session 0

Besides Pathfinder 2e experience level, the only thing connecting everyone in this call was me. What a fun position to be in! Even better, everyone got along! Stan! even drew Eleanor’s character during the recording.

I didn’t know what to call the episode until it was time to post it. I may have gone too far.


Recall Knowledge – March Break

 Hey, it’s March!

Tuesday, March 2nd


Legend Lore 021

Luis and Loren talk Pathfinder 2nd Edition.


Fox’s Cunning by Dustin Knight

Dustin offers insight and helpful tools to enhance your game.

Wednesday, March 3rd


Geek Together

Luis, Loren, and I will be recording the Legend Lore one shot at this time, which was not intended to be live cast. Hopefully other network members will be available to hop onto the Geek Together voice channel on the Know Direction Discord server, like we did last week.


Presenting – Gamers Making Games: Clinton Boomer

Some of Boomer’s earliest published writing was Pathfinder related, but now he’s best known for his viral Team Murderhobo social media posts.


Guidance by Alex Augunas

Alex shares his thoughts and comments on topics getting attention in the RPG gaming community.

Thursday, March 4th


Valiant Episode 12

GM Luis Loza runs Owen K.C. Stephens, Rob Pontious, Avi, and Jessica Redekop through an original, gun totting fantasy western story.


Investing In by Rob Pontious

Rob shares what he loves about the RPGs he’s been playing lately, and why you should check them out.

Friday, March 5th


Geek Together



Monstrous Physique by Luis Loza

 Luis makes monsters!


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