Recall Knowledge – August 24th to September 4th

Every week, Recall Knowledge recaps the Know Direction content of the past week, a preview of the Know Direction content of the week to come, and the director of operations, Ryan Costello, thoughts on the state of the network.

Last week I went into the origins of the names of some of the network content. I reached out to the staff to see if anyone had a quip or funny story related to naming their content. In order of seniority:

Guidance was originally Everyman Gaming when it was part of my brand. I ended up switching it to Guidance to line up with Private Sanctuary and Know Direction, both of which are spell names.
Alex Augunas

I was writing a monster blog and summon monster felt like too obvious of a pick for a spell. As the hipster that I am, I didn’t want the obvious spell, so I went for monstrous physique instead.
Luis Loza

DovahQueen is (obviously) a play on words. Its from skyrim where Dovahkiin means dragon-born. As the Queen of Dragons, Bend the Knee came from the fact that Im asking for something from my writers and getting something in return. As if they were loyal subjects that Bend the Knee.

The Dear just came from the fact that I wanted readers to know what to expect from my blog. It was meant to be an advice column in the same style as Dear Abbey
Loren Sieg

Craft (Adventure) came because uh…. I was writing about how to craft… adventures. And it’s a skill in PF1. So… Yeah.
Vanessa Hoskins

Hmmm, I really wish it had dawned on me to find a spellname for Groundbreaking … but the title just felt right and fit the theme of worldbuilding from the ground up
Randal Meyer

I wanted a neutral name so I could write about anything. Fox’s Cunning is a classic spell. My username is KitsuneWarlock. Kitsune is the name of the family of the forest dwelling Fox clan in L5R. Warlock was an SNES game I liked and partially a nod to Psylocke from X-men/Dark Angel.

(as an aside! I started playing fox clan because I had a card from the clan thst featured a nagamaki!I thought it was a naginata and my God-father my family and I met at our dojo loved the Naginata and alwats used it in bushido blade.)
Dustin Knight

Presenting was converted from Intrepid Heroes Presents when we joined the network.
John Godek

Mine came from Ryan not being able to say my last name, and just saying “Something!” during the Geek Together that the Intrepid crew was introduced.  So rolling with that my blog title became Something Creates
Andrew Something

Speaking of content, here is the Know Direction Network content from last week:

Recap of August 24th to August 28th

What happened last week on and

Monday, August 24th


Gen Con Online — Behind the Pages with Ron Lundeen

As expected, Ron was a delight. If you see a Gen Con seminar featuring Ron Lundeen and that doesn’t tell you right away that you need to listen, you need to listen!


Recall Knowledge – August 17th to August 28th
By Ryan Costello

Part 1 of the Recall Knowledge What’s In a Name series.

Tuesday, August 25th


Digital Divination 011 – Starfinder Tech Revolution Playtest

Before looking at the nanocyte and mech rules and influences, John and Ron have a delightful conversation. As two network members I don’t know as well personally, these preambles give me great insight into who they are.

Gen Con Online — Ask the Experts: Starfinder RPG Q&A

Given the strength of the Gen Con Online Starfinder content, what an appropriate seminar to end with.


Burst of Insight-Be Curious: Questions to Ask Your Players
By Andrew Marlowe

This is such valuable advice. GMs need to get into not only the heads of multiple players at their table, but each other their player’s alter ego. Some times, the easiest way to know what your players or their characters are thinking is to ask.

Wednesday, August 26th


Know Direction Live – Legendary Kineticist Breakdown with Vanessa Hoskins

If you were part of the live chat for this episode, thank you! Chat’s questions kept the conversation lively, and covered a lot of ground we would not have otherwise thought to ask.


Private Sanctum Update, and Firearms for 2e!

Luis Loza generously providing our $5+ Patrons with a PDF of the firearm rules he is using as GM of Valiant made this our most popular Patreon post yet.


Fox’s Cunning – The Year of the Open Road Round-Up
By Dustin Knight

Dustin had the experience and found the time to review the entire first year of 2e PFS. The mind boggles.

Phantasmal Killer—Tiered Villains
By Crystal Frasier

The villain drops, everyone celebrates, when suddenly: movement. A new, longer health bar fills up, and the villain rises again in a new form! And Crystal wrote rules to make it happen.

Thursday, August 27th


Know Direction 231 – Legendary Kineticist Breakdown with Vanessa Hoskins

This episode meant a lot to all involved. The first year or so of the Know Direction podcast barely acknowledged that Pathfinder was also a campaign setting. To me, it was an RPG system. Between the Bestiary and the APG, the place to find new Pathfinder RPG content was with third party publishers, so they made up a large chunk of our initial interviews. The more broadly we covered Pathfinder content, the more likely our interviews were with Paizo staff. So having an interview about one of the most anticipated third party releases for Pathfinder Second edition, and having the author and interviewee be our Vanessa Hoskins, made this episode something special for us, and I think that made it a better episode for the listeners.


Something Creates – A Starship!
By Andrew Sturtevant

What timing! Andrew needed a starship for the next installment of his quest, and the Starship Operations Manual just came out.

Friday, August 28th


Intrepid Heroes 042 – Hammer Time!

I finished episode 36 this week. I am so close to catching up to the latest episodes, especially with Gen Con Online coverage wrapped up!


Bend the Knee – The Golden Age of Golden Years
By Loren Sieg

Grant Berger (Founding member of the Glass Cannon Network), Amanda Hamon (former Managing Developer for Starfinder at Paizo, current Editorial Director for Kobold Press, and Stellar actual play player), and Lucas Servideo (Venture Captain and Smart Goblin) tell us about how their characters spend their retirement. 

I loved this prompt. I wrote my bonus answer in case the worst happened while we were juggling some logistics of one of the turnovers. But my answer was super easy for me to write because I’d been thinking about it since Loren sent me this prompt. 

Valiant Profile #4: Xiadani
by Luis Loza

Meet Owen KC Stephens’ halfling bard Seren D. Pious, with art by Sheppi Rodriguez.

Preview of August 31st to September 4th

This is back to Block 1 of our 2-block schedule.

Monday, August 31st


Adventurous 0043 – It’s Witchcraft!

Available now!


Recall Knowledge – August 24th to September 4th

Available now!

Tuesday, September 1st


Gunslinger archetype
By Luis Loza

With firearms covered in our last Patreon update, Luis gifts our $5+ Patrons with a rootin’ tootin’ new archetype, The Gunslinger.


Legend Lore 011 – Alchemist


Groundbreaking by Randal Meyer

Wednesday, September 2nd


Know Direction: Beyond w/John Compton


Presenting – Gamers Making Games


Guidance by Alex Augunas

Thursday, September 3rd


Investing In by Rob Pontious

Friday, September 4th


Know Direction: Beyond w/John Compton


Valiant Profile #4

Meet the fourth member of the Valiant party, along with another original piece of Sheppi Rodriguez art.


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