PaizoCon 2017 018 – Aethera—Pathfinder in Space

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018 – Aethera—Pathfinder in Space
Encounter Table Publishing invites you to preview the upcoming Aethera Campaign Setting, which brings space adventure to the Pathfinder RPG. We’ll be talking about the campaign setting and what it means for Starfinder, taking a look at future products, and discussing our partnership with Legendary Games.
Speakers: Robert Brookes, Jacob Thomas, and Aethera Campaign Setting authors

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Note: In order to release these seminars in as timely a manner as possible, our seminar coverage is only lightly edited. There may be some NSFW language, and some audio might be harder to hear than others.

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  1. BardWannabe

    These guys make a pretty good case for why they should get my money rather than investing in Starfinder. Their campaign setting sounds very intriguing, with lots of interconnected plot hooks, and it refreshingly lightens up on the use of gods. That you can still use all the material you already purchased, such as occult classes, and they have figured out where it all fits in their world, is a big selling point. Unfortunately, Starfinder will have a big advantage in network effect, and that matters a lot.