Know Direction 80 – Stiles and a Superstar

Know Direction 80 – Early March 2014

Ryan talks with Medusa herself, Christina Stiles, award-winning freelance tabletop roleplaying game writer, editor, and developer from South Carolina. Her new compilation, Medusa’s Guide for Gamer Girls, recently funded on Indiegogo.

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Christina Stiles

Christina was having some trouble coming up with the names of people she’s working with on projects right now.She wanted to make sure they got the credit they deserve:
Todd Stewart is the one who has something coming out from Rogue Genius soon.
Gillian Fraser, Stephen Rowe, and Dan Dillon are the Four Horsemen, along with Steven Helt.

News & Banter

We have our RPG Superstar! Here!  Victoria Jaczko!

Game Designer Position available

Free RPG Day Pathfinder Module revealed: Risen From the Sands by Rob McCreary (level 3)

GenCon call for volunteers

Golarion AMA: Erik Mona (Publisher and CCO of Paizo), Jason Bulmahn (Lead Designer), Wes Schneider (Editor-in-Chief), James Sutter (Managing Editor), and James Jacobs (Creative Director).

Shout Outs

EVERYMAN GAMING (listener Alex Augunas’ blog)

Dynamite’s Red Sonja ongoing series (written by Gail Simone, art by Walter Geovani)

Board member Forrest Schugardt, who rose to the occasion and transcribed some of the interviews from our RPG Superstar 2014 Specials, only for his private message telling me as much to be filtered into my Junk Folder until it was too late. Thank you for your work, Forrest, and sorry it ended up going unused.


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