PS0236 – To GM or Not To GM (GMing)

Many game groups fall apart for want of a Game Master. You only need one GM for every five, six, even seven players, and yet that can be a challenge. This episode asks “why?” Why do some players shy away from GMing? Why do others flat out refuse?


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Why GM?

•    You are the god of this world, 99% of its inhabitants, and everything happening there;
•    You decide the setting, the story, the tone, etc.
•    Like the look of a class but don’t want to commit to it? NPC. Only think a class gets fun after 5th level? NPC. Have a silly voice or character concept you want to play around with but not commit to for a whole campaign? NPC;
•    You don’t need to meet prerequisites to run a monster.

Why Not GM?

•    You only get a snippet of a character at a time;
•    Your reward is losing every combat; • This is not a dictatorship, it is a democracy with dice;
•    Juggling ferrets and chainsaws;
•    When you GM, you can’t play.

Rewarding GMs

•    PFS GM Rewards:

o    Stars!
o    Reroll bonuses!

•    Game Masters Get More (Chimera reward program)
•    Supper and snacks are covered;
•    Help pay for stuff?
•    Regular GM rotation?
•    Easing pressure;
•    Cloaks.

3.5 Minutes
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