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Start the new year off right, with a crunch episode about rules that drive a character crazy!

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You know what’s messed up? 99% of the stuff a PC has to deal with every minute of every day. Even orks are bigger than you, green, and have tusks up to their eyebrows. But you get used to stuff. In the real world, spiders are weird. Most of us are used to them. Most of us.

However, some things are beyond the pale. Gibbering mouthers, frogehemoths, C’thulhu. These creatures are such stretches of what should be that even the hardiest adventurer might buckle at the knee and bawl laying eyes on them. As is the case in Carrion Crown book 4, Wake of the Watcher, a Lovecraft-inspired adventure that tests the sanity of player and character, using a variation of the Chaosium’s d20 Call of Cthulhu Sanity rules.

There are three separate sets of sanity rules for Pathfinder, two of which are from Paizo, all of which we’ll be exploring. So many options, it’s enough to drive you mad

The Story So Far

· Valter and Zimrazir

Sanity Concept

· No matter how much you train, no matter how tough you are, there is only so much you can take;

· Madness vs fear;

· Are we being insensitive?


· GameMastery Guide

o Every time a creature is reduced to a score of 0 Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, there’s a chance he goes insane. Randomly roll on the table, and make a secret saving throw for them;

· Wake of the Watcher version:

o Level + Wis mod;

o Certain specific incidents during the adventure deal Sanity damage if you fail a DC 15 Will save.

o Damage can be quite high (1d10, 2d6)

o Sanity cannot be healed.

o When reduced to 0 Sanity, you gain a madness;

o Greater restoration (cleric 7, requires diamond dust worth 5,000 gp), heal (cleric 6, druid 7), limited wish (sorcerer/wizard 7, diamond worth 1,500 gp), miracle (cleric 9), or wish (sorcerer/wizard 9, diamond worth 25,000 gp).

· A Broken Mind by Scott Gable

o 7th ability score, mind, is based on your highest intellectual ability core;

o After character creation, your Mind is no longer linked directly to this other ability score;

o Sanity is 5x mind;

o Your starting Mind is permanently decreased by 1 point for each of the following skills you are trained in: Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (planes), and Knowledge (religion);

o When your Sanity is threatened, you must make a Mind saving throw (a “slow progression” save). Do not add your Mind modifier to either your save or the DC since they would simply cancel each other.)

o The DC for a given Mind save is decided entirely by you: it is 10 + 1/2 your HD

o Sanity Loss. If you fail a Sanity check, you take the Sanity loss listed after the creature type below, if you succeed, you may still 1 point of Sanity loss for every 5 HD the creature is greater than you, and 1 point of Sanity loss if the creature is an aberration.

o By creature: Dragons and Outsiders (1d8), Undead Creatures (1d8), Aberrations (1d12);

o Atrocities: Such as Witnessing a murder (1d4), undergoing torture (1d10), discovering a cavern of flesh (1d12), dying (1d12), witnessing a friend or loved one rising from the grave (1d12), witnessing someone being eaten alive (1d20);

o Forbidden Knowledge

o Regaining Sanity

o Victory Rewards. You regain Sanity when you defeat creatures that you’re not inured to: 1d4 Sanity regained for defeating dragons, outsiders, and undead creatures and 1d6 Sanity regained for defeating aberrations.

o Healing. Once per week, you can try to regain your lost sanity in this way. The entire week must be a respite from adventure, spent in convalescence with another character who is trained in Heal. That character makes a single Heal check opposed by your highest skill of Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (planes), or Knowledge (religion). If the Heal check is successful, you regain 1d3 Sanity. If the Heal check fails, you gain no Sanity. If the Heal check fails by 10 or more, you permanently lose 1 point of Mind as the memories resurge; your maximum Sanity will need to be adjusted accordingly.

· Advantages/Disadvantages of both



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