Know Direction 65 – Bulmahn Games

Know Direction 65 – Late June 2013

Jason Bulmahn joins us to talk Paizo’s 2013 Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcovers Ultimate Campaign, Mythic Adventures, and Bestiary 4, his new Pathfinder third party publishing house Minotaur Games, and Mon Mothma? Plus Reaper Bryan tells us how to drybrush, and Venture Lieutenent Brian Darnell lets you know how to use poison in Pathfinder Society.

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Pathfinder Society Know Question:

Hi! Welcome to Know Direction’s Pathfinder Society Minute. This is the  Inland Empire of California’s Venture lieutenant Brian Darnell and I am here to answer your PFS questions.


Today we have a two part question from Leon Workman from the 3.5 private sanctuary forums.


The first part of his question is:

I’m not able to find the contact information for sending questions in for Pathfinder Society on the podcasts. Does anyone have the full e-mail address for pfssocalhelp?


My apologies Leon, I tend to talk a little fast on the podcast so I’ll say my e-mail address a little slower this time. It is,  p f s  socal help @, that’s p f s  socal help @

One thing I would like to point out, is if you ever need to get a hold of any Pathfinder society coordinator, you can open up to the back of the guide to organized play where all the e-mail addresses for each coordinator are listed, or, you can Google Pathfinder Society Regional Coordinators. The first result should be the Pathfinder Society Regional Coordinators list on the Pathfinder Society Web Site which lists all coordinator contact information by location.


The second part of Leon’s question is:

I’d really like to get a true clarification on how alchemy and poison crafting skills work in PFS.


Great question Leon! This is a rule that doesn’t come up very often and I’m happy to clarify it.


First I’ll talk about poison use in society: According to the pathfinder society FAQ:


Any character with the Poison Use class ability can purchase and use poisons. For now, they are the only classes that have a list of “always available poisons” (those noted below)—no other class may purchase poisons unless they appear on a chronicle sheet. Alchemists, ninja, and poisoner rogues may only purchase the following poisons from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook:


Giant wasp poison

Large scorpion venom

Medium spider venom

Shadow essence

Small centipede poison

Alchemists and rogues with the poisoner archetype and the Master Poisoner ability can use Craft (alchemy) to produce poisons (see “How can alchemists craft in Pathfinder Society Organized Play?”).


The rules on crafting items in society are also in the FAQ. I’m going to summarize them in this segment but I’ll link to all the FAQ references in the show notes.


Poison crafting uses the same rules for crafting alchemical items listed on page 91-93 of the core rule book.

It breaks down to this:

First find the item’s price in silver pieces, one gold equals 10 silvers pieces


Second Find the item’s DC. Alchemy item DCs are on the table: Craft Skills. The DC to craft a poison is equal to its fort save DC


Third Pay one third of the item’s price for raw materials cost


Fourth Make an appropriate Craft check representing one week’s worth of work. If the check succeeds, multiply your check result by the DC. If the result × the DC equals the price of the item in sp, then you have completed the item. (If the result × the DC equals double or triple the price of the item in silver pieces, then you’ve completed the task in one-half or one-third of the time. Other multiples of the DC reduce the time in the same manner.) If the result × the DC doesn’t equal the price, then it represents the progress you’ve made this week. Record the result and make a new Craft check for the next week. Each week, you make more progress until your total reaches the price of the item in silver pieces.

If you fail a check by 4 or less, you make no progress this week. If you fail by 5 or more, you ruin half the raw materials and have to pay half the original raw material cost again.


The actual time past doesn’t matter for Pathfinder society as this is considered to be accomplished in the time after the scenario, it’s the cost that’s important. One thing this process is, is time consuming for a GM, so if you have a poison or alchemical item crafter please be considerate to your GM by letting them know that you plan on doing this so they can make time for you.


This was a long segment today explaining a complex rules system, we’ll include my full script in the show notes, links to all the FAQ references, and a link to a cheat sheet I have made with the full craf alchemy rules and DCs for all legal poisons. As usual these rules are subject to change with new releases of the guide to organized play and updates to the FAQ. If the poison use or crafting rules change in season 5 I’ll  record an update in a future segment.


That’s it for today’s PFS Minute. If you need to contact me directy, feel free to e-mail me at or tag me on the Know Direction facebook page.


This is Venture Lieutenant Brian Darnell signing off, I hope to catch a game with you soon.


For the Show Notes:

Please include a copy of the script and the following links:

Guide to organized play –

Pathifnder Society Regional coordinators –


Poison Use FAQ –

Alchemy Crafting FAQ –

Craft in the PRD –

Poison in the PRD –

The cheat sheet with the Craft Alchemy Rules –

Wrap Up and Shout Outs:

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