PS091 – Oneshots

Just this once, Ryan and Jay discuss one shots.

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PROMO – Nuketown Radioactive

Liz Court, the benevolent Lillith, mistress of the unofficial Paizo chat, has put a call out for submissions for Wayfinder II.

If you’re looking for a fantasy/sci-fi con in Montreal, Con*Cept is a con on the grow. And if you’re in the Montreal area October 16-18, drop by Draconis. You might even see 3.5 Private Sanctuary host Ryan Costello, Jr there.

Find out more about Polymancer Studios at their official website or by listening to Private Sanctuary episode 57.

Mentioned repeatedly as a shinning example of one shot gaming was the Pathfinder Society.

Building a few pregens in a hurry? Try PC Gen or Hero Lab. Or use any of the Pathfinder Database’s handy character sheets. Ryan used Neceros’ modified character sheet.

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