PS039 – Romance Around the Table

Ryan and Jay talk about romance at the DnD table – appropriately, as Ryan and Tina are getting married! – and then segue into what it means to be a modern geek: stereotypes and current trends galore.

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A few notes:

– You can learn more about LARPing at

– Here’s the IMDB record for Trekkies

– If you’ve never watched an episode of The Guild , now’s the time.

– Here’s a link to Fanatical , the show that featured Ryan in all of his GI Joe glory.  Not much on the site, to be honest.  When Ryan gets back we’ll see if we can get more for you.

And finally, congratulations Tina and Ryan!  Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon, and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

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