PS012 – Gamer Gifts

This very special Christmas episode brings Tina back into the Private Sanctuary to discuss ideal gifts for gamers with Ryan.

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Show Notes

The golden dice Ryan bought for Tina two Christmases ago can be found at Crystal Castle‘s Dwarven Metal range of dice. They also have wet erase markers in exotic colours , like brown.

Tina thinks every 3.5 gamer needs the Spell Compendium

Love sparkles as much as Tina? Check out Legend or Enchanted. Ryan wouldn’t recommend watching Legend for the story, mind you. But Enchanted was cute.

Gargantuan Dragons (not Colossal Dragons, as Ryan said) are indeed on sale two for one. Unfortunately, it looks like the Gargantuan Dragons are sold out online. Find out more here.

Tina and Ryan may have been uninformed about how to pay for someone else’s World of Warcraft account, but the official site is a good place to start. And don’t forget to check out DC Direct’s World of Warcraft action figures, with their second wave coming soon.

As always, we love the Order of the Stick, and recommend you buy their trade paperbacks and board game . You might also enjoy Days of Wonder’s Shadows Over Camelot board game. But not the Runescape board game. Ryan screwed up. Who knows what he was talking about, but it wasn’t Runescape.

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