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Know Direction Pathfinder Podcast
Ryan and Perram are joined by Ariadne MacGillivray and Monica Marlowe to discuss issues of harassment and inclusion in the gaming industry. Listeners should be aware that the language is uncensored in this discussion and may cover sensitive topics.
The Order of the Amber Die take their gaming session to the next level every time they play. With a focus on doing marathon, multi-day sessions, they do entire AP volumes in one go, and then some! Their adventures...
Know Direction Pathfinder Podcast
With the Bestiary 6 announcement, what we thought we knew about Pathfinder’s 2017 schedule is no longer clear. Publisher Erik Mona joins us to straighten out our expectations, and tell us about the upcoming Pathfinder: Worldscape comic. Edit: There...
Pathfinder Comics: Hollow Mountain & Beyond
How do you write a comic book? Join panelists Erik Mona, F. Wesley Schneider, and James L. Sutter, as they discuss the ins and outs of writing the Pathfinder comic series from Dynamite. Learn the secrets of creating memorable...
Pathfinder & Obsidian Entertainment
Check out what’s new with Obsidian Entertainment’s Pathfinder computer game projects, including the release of the Pathfinder Adventures tablet game & exciting projects still in development.