Valiant Episode 5: In Which They Hang Out In Town

It’s episode 5 and our Valiant heroes have made it back to Altameda to enjoy some downtime. Ev tries to learn more about the group’s new abilities, Sarna keeps an ear out for rumors, Seren looks to fix up his hat, and Xiadani learns a bit about the business of water.

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Avi as Sarna — CG half-orc human fighter
Follow Avi on Twitter @legalizegoblins

Rob Pontious as Ev’etaewayr — CG elf wizard
Follow Rob on Instagram @silentinfinity or Twitter @silentinfinity

Jessica Redekop as Xiadani — CG aasimar human druid
Follow Jessica on Instagram @tectonomancer or Twitter @tectonomancer

Owen K.C. Stephens as Seren D. Pious — CG halfling bard
Follow Owen on Facebook at OwenK.C.Stephens, Twitter @Owen_Stephens, or find his blog at his website,

And Luis Loza as the Game Master
Follow Luis on Twitter @donatoclassic or find him at his website,

Additional Information:

Valiant concept art banner by Noé Leyva

Valiant character art by Sebastian Rodriguez

You can see the map of Altameda here! Thanks to Jessica Khoury at Lizard Ink Maps for the map!

Industrious Ferret by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Thunder Dreams by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

The High Desert – AM by carvin_knowles and far west whistle 001 – AM by eulaliojavier licensed via Audio Micro.

Luis Loza

Luis Loza is a developer at Paizo, working on the Pathfinder Lost Omens line and formerly on Campaign Setting and Player Companion lines. He's done freelance for Paizo Inc, Legendary Games, Rogue Genius Games, and more third-party publishers. His hobbies include gaming both tabletop and video, making jokes, obsessing over time travel, taking naps with Nova his cat, and walks with his wife. He is eternally plagued with a hunger for tacos. Consider checking his material on his Patreon at