Recall Knowledge – Guest Blogger Takeover Week 2

I am extremely happy with how week 1 of the Know Direction Network’s now-annual Guest Blogger Takeover went. On to week 2.

Week 2, like week 1, brings together a variety of guests from different corners of the fandom to share their thoughts, experiences, and insights. I also appreciate that these seven bloggers were not only willing to spend their time with us, but were all enthusiastic for the opportunity. I encourage the Know Direction fans to check out what our guests are working on and promoting.

My only regret is that the date for PaizoCon 2021 isn’t set yet, meaning Darran Caldemeyer can’t let us know how many days are left before PaizoCon.

Week 2 Guests


Here are the guests you can look forward to this week, starting today.

Monday, October 12th, 2020

Nicolas Logue

Nic Logue wrote seminal adventures for Paizo when Pathfinder was still carving its niche in the industry. Not just an amazing adventure writer, Logue embodies performative GMing. I will forever cherish the face Wes Schneider made at PaizoCon during a celebrity game session as Logue relentlessly added details to his description of a macabre caravan coming their way. It should come as no surprise that Logue is now Assistant Professor of Theatre at Windward Community College.

He talks about meeting his wife through a merging of theatre and RPGs, and how her upcoming show digitally evolves that concept, in his article RPGs, Zombies, and True Love in the Apocalypse.


Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Aaron Shanks

Up until now, we haven’t asked current Paizo employees to contribute to a Guest Blogger Takeover. Collectively, they have many opportunities to share their thoughts on the network, whereas the Guest Blogger Takeover is more for those who don’t always get that kind of spotlight. Aaron is different. Every so often we mention him by name on the show, but listeners have never gotten much insight into who the mysterious Aaron Shanks is.

In his role as Marketing & Media Manager at Paizo, Aaron helps us wrangle guests, let’s us know the latest happenings, and coordinates our review copies. Already you see how important he is to the network. But Aaron’s also a delightful person, which shines through in his article, Another Story.

Darran Caldemeyer

For years, listeners have heard us refer to Darran Caldemeyer as Know Direction’s Official PaizoCon Countdown Correspondent. I honestly don’t remember when the tradition even began or why. I can say that our early days on social media were sparse, and it was Darran’s contributions of graphics to indicate when PaizoCon approached that got us into our social media groove.

As a passionate gamer, Darran has passionate thoughts on gaming. He chose to dive into one such thought in his article, Story Over Mechanics, Every Time!


Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Jaym Gates

Jaym Gates is one of those cogs that makes the RPG industry go. An author, designer, and editor,  most notably for Green Ronin. She breadth of experience features prominently in her insightful and educational article on science fiction and fantasy’s surprisingly short history but brilliant future in her article, A Common Language.

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Benjamin Loomes

Formally, Benjamin Loomes is the CEO and Creative Director of Syrinscape. Personally, he’s an ardent gamer and sound engineer with an irresistible energy. Syrinscape so clearly embodies the overlap of two hobbies he loves, and it’s easy to get pulled in by his enthusiasm.

If you haven’t checked out Syrinscape, Ben shares a free soundscape and easy to follow guide for customizing it for a seasonally appropriate horror game in his article, Building a Horror Soundscape for Tabletop RPGs.

Friday, October 16th, 2020

Mike Selinker

One of the most consistent names seen in tabletop games with Paizo’s name or brands on them that aren’t RPGs, Mike is a dedicated and influential member of the tabletop gaming industry. If you follow his career, you probably know him best for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. If you follow him on social media, you know he blurs the line between gaming and politics. And if you follow his Know Direction appearances, you know he once tricked Perram and I into drinking vinegar-based soda on the air one time.

Mike chose not to focus on vinegar beverages but instead the overlap between games and politics and the importance of running a socially conscious game company, in his article Stick to Game Design .

“Sheppi” TS Rodriguez

We end the week with Know Direction’s Adventurous and Valiant illustrator. Sheppi is an unbelievably talented artist, and we are fortunate to count him among our listeners. He often joins us for our live recordings, engaging in the conversation and showing his love of Paizo games and gaming in general in the process.

He talks about learning to see and share in what’s best about the things we enjoy, a wonderfully positive message that was worthy of capping  off this year’s Guest Blogger Takeover, in his article The Beauty of Finding Enjoyment in Everything – Getting Out of your Comfort and Ego


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