Meet Know Direction’s New Intrepid Heroes

Effective immediately, the staff and creative content of Intrepid Heroes have a new home at 


Three members of the Intrepid Heroes team will be joining the Know Direction Network as staff and contributors:

John Godek: GM of the Intrepid Heroes Starfinder actual play podcast, host of the Intrepid Heroes Presents interview podcast, and owner and executive producer of Intrepid Heroes LLC. John joins the Know Direction Network as a board member, helping make decisions impacting the future of the network. 

Ron Lundeen: Ysoki Operative Skootch on the Intrepid Heroes Starfinder actual play podcast, and will be taking over GMing duty shortly when Intrepid Heroes moves into, Dawn of Flame Book 4 – The Blind City, which Ron authored. Fans will be familiar with Ron as a developer on Pathfinder for Paizo, as well as his insightful blog at Run Amok Games

Andrew Sturtevant: Blogger on, Andrew will be wrapping up his Rakshasas in Space! series and launching his next series here on Know Direction

The rest of the cast of Intrepid Heroes will continue to be on-air personalities on that show (and are likely to pop up here and there on other Know Direction network projects).


Intrepid Heroes: A Starfinder actual play of Paizo’s Dawn of Flame Adventure Path.  

Intrepid Heroes Presents*: John Godek interviews Paizo staff, freelancers, and prominent members of the fanbase and community. These short interviews, generally 30 – 45 minutes long, present the guests in a casual, relatable light. It is a style of interview and types of guests that have been missing from Know Direction for years due to how our scope has changed, and I am personally happy to have that back. 

*To remove the perception that there might be a division of KD and IH content, we are currently discussing a new title for this podcast. Because John has several already recorded with the original title in the introduction, we are not rushing to implement the name change.  

What This Means

For Know Direction Fans

More content! 

The Intrepid Heroes shows, including their archives, have been added to the Know Direction Network master feed. They each have a dedicated feed on the site as well, for listeners who prefer the flexibility to curate their podcasts.

For Intrepid Hero Fans

Welcome! If you are not familiar, the Know Direction Network is home to weekly news, reviews, and interviews podcasts, weekdaily advice and options blogs, and now weekly actual play podcast content. During convention season, we record and release Paizo-related seminars from PaizoCon and GenCon. We have a YouTube channel with videos of many of our recordings, as well as additional original video content. We are active on social media, primarily on a thriving Discord channel with areas to discuss our content, the games we play, and to share good vibes through humour and memes. 

That said, to allow for all of the content the network releases to have the space it needs, and to give listeners new to Intrepid Heroes a chance to catch up, the release of Intrepid Heroes content will be slower than you are used to. Both podcasts and the blog will be releasing every other week rather than weekly. However, this does open up the schedule of our new staff to allow for new, joint ventures. 

New Joint Ventures

Two new podcasts will launch soon, parallel in format and schedule: Digital Divination with John and Ron, and Legend Lore with Luis and Loren.

In each episode of both shows, the hosts take a deep dive into a specific rule, mechanic, or other aspect of the game they cover (Starfinder for Digital Divination, Pathfinder 2e for Legend Lore). One host, a Paizo developer (Ron Lundeen/Luis Loza) looks at the topic from a design and balance perspective. The other, an experienced GM and player (John Godek/Loren Sieg), look at the topic from a practical, at-the-table perspective. Episodes conclude with a more casual discussion based on a question from our patrons and fans. Both segments combine to make a 30-45 minute episode. 

On a personal note, I am extremely excited about our new shows. The network began as a single, topical podcast, and this type of show has been missing from the network since The Private Sanctuary faded away. However, any similarities between what Jason Dubsky and I launched in 2008 and these new shows should be considered the next evolution, not a throwback. The pedigree of the hosts alone shows how much more Digital Divination with John and Ron and Legend Lore with Luis and Loren have to offer already. 

And More!

The Know Direction Network continues to grow, not just from the content gained by this merger, but the potential for future content as well. Additionally, we have a few more changes to the schedule and project launches to announce in the coming month. For now, John , Ron, and Andrew S, and enjoy everything Intrepid Heroes has already brought to the network!

Ryan Costello

What started as one gamer wanting to talk about his love of a game has turned into an empire of gamers talking about their games. Ryan founded what would become the Know Direction Podcast network with Jason "Jay" Dubsky, his friend and fellow 3.5 enthusiast. They and their game group moved on to Pathfinder, and the Know Direction podcast network was born. Now married and a father, Ryan continues to serve the network as a co-host of the flagship podcast, Know Direction.