Inspire Confidence – Today is One Day

The last several months I have been working with new game masters, in truth I’ve been doing this for the last five years, but recently my experience has prompted a blog.

My experience as a gamer started one day with me as the game master and my younger brother my only player. We didn’t last very long as a party because life has a way of putting other things in our way. When gaming returned a few years later, I was part of a live action role play (LARP) vampire game, so I didn’t have to worry about being a formal storyteller (ST), because we were all crafting a larger narrative.

Then, one day (technically one night), I found myself an ST in a game. I’m not sure how we inherited the game, but that’s typically what happens, real life, burn out, or an individual storyline comes to an end and an ST would step down.

After a few years, one day I found myself in charge of an entire Clan in an international gaming community. And that was when I decided I really never wanted to lead a game again.
Fast forward 10 years, two kids, and a lot of time to forget how stressful crafting stories with other people could be, one day I decided to pursue freelance game design.

One day, a year ago, Andrew and I decided to pursue creating a live streaming gaming experience. Now we game live on Fridays and Andrew streams a live “talk show”/advice column on Tuesdays.

One day ago, Andrew asked me, after he was a guest student on a live online writing course, “When did we become considered experts in the gaming industry?” And I answered “Today.”

Every day is one day in your life. Choose wisely what you do with each day and remember if you choose poorly today, you get to try it again tomorrow. Very few things change overnight, building a brand, a game, a setting, a career, experience, all of those things need many MANY one days. Use today to start making your one day.

Monica Marlowe

Monica Marlowe is the 2015 Paizo RPG Superstar. Winning the contest launched her freelance game designing career. Her winning adventure, "Down the Blighted Path" and PFS scenario "Captive in Crystal" are available through Paizo. She’s publishing additional gaming materials under Marlowe House and through 3rd party publishers. Monica is also active in the ongoing education in gender, sexual, and racial equality in the gaming community. Driven by a desire to see a more diverse gaming community, Monica has joined the Know Direction network to help and encourage all gamers, veteran and new, to find their voices. Monica lives in southwest Ohio with her husband, Andrew, and 2 children, Kate and Thomas.